Egrets Supervising Beach Reclamation at City Pier on Anna Maria Island, Florida STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

How many egrets does it take to supervise the beach reclamation at City Pier on Anna Maria Island, Florida?

The supervisor has a great perch to manage the beach reclamation.

Great spot to keep an eye on the progress.

The seagull is managing the south side of the beach. They won the contract for this side. Egrets have the north side.

A new big data analysis found there were to many egrets getting hurt on the job building the wall. Safety recommended outsourcing this work to humans. Some feel its taking jobs away from egrets, but they are doing the heavy lifting. This has already saved wings and reduced medical costs.

Security is checking my media credentials.

Before the egrets get started, they take a moment to protest the human workers. Seagull is showing solidarity or is he?

The egret work crew is experienced.

Water is pumped from the Gulf and carries the sand. Sometimes the flow is strong and requires more egrets to monitor it.

Snacking on the job is encouraged.

These egrets are stationed a specific spots to ensure there are no breaks in the perimeter wall.

Beach reclamation has safety supervisors.

Inspectors keep a lose eye on the workers to ensure safety procedures are followed.

Ever present is the senior safety supervisor. Has never lost an egret!

Checking the tide to see if any of the new beach is impacted.

The safety supervisor was told the beach wall has held against the tide.

Egrets coming off break., getting back to work.

The sun is strong on the backs. SPF 100 really works!

Where else can you work and have sand covering the toes?

Security Alert!

Security Chief is on the scene and assessing the situation.

Seagull is trying to hire the workers for the south side beach reclamation!

Security chief is personally handling the situation.

Created By
Robert Neff


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