Adobe Design hosted the first edition of Adobe Design Mix — a day celebrating creativity and collaboration — on December 12, 2019.

The theme for Adobe Design Mix 2019 was 'Co-create'

The invite-only event focused on conversations around creativity and co-creation. We brought together 100+ designers, engineers, product managers, researchers, and all of our co-conspirators from Adobe to celebrate the act of creating something beautiful together.

With co-creation as the theme, the goal of this event was to celebrate Adobe's mission of Creativity for All. Using design as a lens, the day focused on conversations about taking inter-disciplinary collaboration to the next level.

Jamie Myrold, VP of Adobe Design, kick-started the day by talking about the various roles of design & how we collaborate with our partners at Adobe

Speakers from diverse fields such as multi-media art, design research, creative coding, motion graphics, design insights, and software innovation shared their work and experiences as part of enriching keynote talks and presentations.

Avinash Kumar, co-founder of one of India's leading design research agencies, Quicksand, walked us through projects spanning research, design strategy, culture, music, and technology.
Pawas Aakrsh, collaborating with leading brands such as Adidas, Pepsi, Bira, and Redbull and agencies like Animal, JWT, Wieden+Kennedy, showcased his stunning work across graphic design, motion capture, augmented and virtual reality.
Priyanka Herur, Experience Developer at Adobe, talked about the importance of prototyping while designing for a digital product. She demonstrated how prototyping can bridge the gap between design and engineering and enable better collaboration.
Kawal Oberoi shared his experience of capturing candid conversations with creatives for his podcast 'Designed This Way'.
Abhinay Khoparzi, one of the pioneers of Algorave in India, gave a unique performance by live-coding music and visuals, blurring the lines between technology and art.
The panel discussion between key members from the Adobe Illustrator team highlighted the role of trust in partnerships to build a design tool with a huge customer base and product loyalty of over 30 years.

Hacks & Hobbies

There's so much more that designers do apart from UX design. 4 designers from the Adobe design team in India talked about their hobbies, passion projects, and tinkering.

  • Harshit Agrawal showcased his stunning personal experiments with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and generative art.
  • Aakanksha Krishali spoke about her active engagement with sports and its importance in shaping women's well-being, strength, and focus.
  • Nikhil Tailang showcased how he uses machine learning to discover quirky as well as amazing new recipes for baking bread.
  • Manisha Gupta shared her experience of building the Devanagari Type Challenge project, that garnered huge attention across social media and brought together unique typographic creations and processes based on the Devanagari script.
Harshit, Aakanksha, Nikhil, and Manisha (top-left to bottom right) talked about their hobbies


Apart from listening to experiences from various speakers, attendees got the chance to do some hands-on creation at two craft booths. Creating their own artwork to take-away proved to be people's favorite part of the day!

Print & Post MakerSpace - Attendees had a lot of fun creating their own linocut designs and printing post cards using hand-made design stamps denoting the themes of 'Mix' & 'Co-create'
Creativity came in all colors and sizes as attendees created their terrariums at the Pick & Plant MakerSpace


In this 2-hour format, participants were divided into inter-disciplinary groups to work on exciting prompts ranging from air pollution to a mission to Mars.

Groups were highly engaged in this fast-paced workshop

Interactive art

The Design Lab team invited people to manipulate and interact with art using their bodies and facial movement and expressions.

How Art Thou? is an interactive installation that enabled attendees to interact with art to modify type and painting


The team curated and exhibited 10 design projects from the Adobe Design team that showcase different aspects of design, from user validation to designing pay walls. The exhibition showcased the design journey of creatives working on designing digital products at Adobe and their process behind it. The exhibition was open for everyone from the Noida campus for the entire week.

The Design Exhibition showcased the design journey of creatives building digital products at Adobe

Design Heroes

Design Hero awards acknowledge the support provided by design partners and evangelists from within Adobe. Jamie Myrold and Shanmugh Natarajan handed out the heroes' capes and read out testimonials by the Design team.

Anubhav Rohatgi (left), Rajjeet Kadian (right), and Lekhraj Sharma are the awardees for 2019

Closing Remarks

Almost a decade back, Phil Clevenger laid the foundation for Design team at Adobe India. It came full-circle as he closed the event with take-aways and provided some words of wisdom of his own.

Phil Clevenger, Senior Director of Design, concluded the day with great insights and stories

Thank you!

A warm thank you to the audience and participants from Adobe and outside who took out time from their busy schedules to come celebrate creativity and collaboration with the Adobe Design team. Launching Design Mix could not have been possible without their eager participation.

I absolutely loved the experience. My intention was to immerse myself in the Design process and the event nailed it. The external speakers, the Design Thinking workshop and especially the DIY stations stood out as key engagements for me — Sakshi Sachdev, Director of Engineering, Adobe Document Cloud
I think it was a great day with a right mix of speakers across the creative spectrum. I specially loved Avinash and Abhinay. Very inspiring talks — Benjamin Thomas, Product Manager, Adobe Illustrator

A big shout out to the entire Adobe Design team for being wonderful hosts as well as an enriching audience. Hosting a day like this is demanding, and everyone supported each other graciously for this wonderful day. The power of co-creation was truly witnessed by everyone while planning and making this day happen. There were a lot of firsts and many more learnings. We look forward to hosting a bigger and better 'Design Mix' in the coming years.

As Phil concluded in his closing remarks, after talking about 'co-create', it is time to 'go-create' :)


Vikas Maurya Photography, Adobe Design team members