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Sweden is a place with lots of mountains and rocky uplands.
One very popular landmarks in Swedan is the Vasa Museum. It is the home of the Vasa ship it sunk 333 years ago at Stockholm in 1628
Karlberg Palace is now a millitary Academy the Karlberg palace was owned at one point by De La Gardie with was known as one of the most influential men in swedan history of his time.
Sweden is located to the left of Finland and to the right of Norway on the map also known as the Scandinavian region.
People in Sweden speak Swedish it is the main language in Swedish culture
Most swedish people are mostly christian.
there main food source is growing and farming animals.
Pea soup is one of the odd foods that is a part of swedish cuisine
One of the main foods they eat is Swedish meatballs they are a normal thing to see in Swedish cuisine
Lingonberry jam is used to make yogurt somtimes and to spread on jam.
soccer is one of the main sports that Sweden plays
Sweden's traditional dance is called Hambo.
The Swedish people usually wear gray.
Most traditional Swedish clothing for women usually consists of blue and yellow on there shirts and dresses and the mens is the same just without the dress they wear leterhosens.
Most Swedish houses are usually all packed together in one spot.
The goverment in Sweden is ran by the prime minister.
the Swedish prime minister is Stefan Löfven
Did you know the old priminister of Sweden.
The priminesters name was Olaf palmer
Sweden wat in the Dano Swedish war
the war lasted only one year.
Did you know Sweden was founded in 1397
Sweden mostly runs a Hereditary Monarchy witch means they just pass the crown down from generation to generation.
thats all thanks for watching.


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