Chocolate from Head to Toe It's the DFC

Say what? D - F - C?

Yes, DFC! Devil's Food Cake!

It's got chocolate from head to toe


Our Secret Ingredient

Our DFC is made with an eight-minute whisk of eggs, we're after fluffy, light, and all those good things. Then, we whisk in a magic ingredient. Shhh, don't tell anyone . . . it's mayonnaise, a Bouchon Bakery secret from Thomas Keller's executive baker, Sebastien Rouxel.

Our Chocolate Mousse

Our mousse features a blend of one part bitter chocolate (73%) to four parts dark chocolate (55%)

Crispy Crunchies

See the white chocolate pearls dotting the little clouds of mousse, piped from a St. Honore tip? They're Crispearls — cereal pearls coated with white chocolate

so good, we sometimes eat them as they are, like a snack!

so good, we decided to sneak them into the mousse layers too

See those speckles of cacao nibs? They're made from cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, produced by Fossa, a local small-batch chocolate producer we love.

Naked is Sexy

We're going naked, we aren't slathering our DFC with mousse. No, that would be too much mousse! Besides, cakes should flaunt their sides a little, no? Our naked look is inspired by Christina Tosi, the pastry chef behind Momofuku Milk Bar.


6 inches | 750g | $46

7 inches | 1.05 kg | $56

- 8 slices -

contains dairy, eggs, flour, no nuts

keeps well refrigerated in its box for 3 days


delivery available

three-day pre-order


11 toh tuck road . 596290

for impeccable slices of this cake, we recommend a sharp, serrated knife

after each slice, wipe the blade clean with kitchen paper

always slice bravely



Dying For Chocolate


* * *

vivienne yeo is a baker, a home cook, and a writer with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery

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Vivienne Yeo


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