Bike Week 2017 By Matthew Bowden

I chose Daytona Bike Week 2017 as my art to go see. This was my first bike week and I was incredibly surprised to see almost the entirety of our intercultural leadership class occur at Bike Week. I watched in awe as people of every background came out to event from old white men who looked as though they lived the "biker life" to young teen black men who rode sport bikes which are the complete opposite of most bikers in attendance. Even though these bikers seemed completely different watching them talk with one another and discuss parts on their bikes was incredible to watch! Something as simple as a motorcycle could bring these two very different groups together as one.

Bikes like this style where everywhere however the owners where easily approachable simply because they love motorcycles.
These styles of bikes may be completely different from the "typical" bike week style but the love of customizing these motorcycles was what brought these groups together.

As you can see in the previous two pictures you can see the differences of style and what type of age the owner of the motorcycle is. When looking at how these bikes where designed you could get a sense of the background that the person came from. Observing these two different types of styles of motorcycle gave me a feeling of pride seeing as how people who are into completely different things can get along so well just because of their love for motorcycles.

Watching the bonds between all of these different people coming together was inspiring and for that simple reason I would go back to bike week just to see this again. Between looking at all of the art that people created with their owns hands like the motorcycle pictured above that was built from the wheels up and the brotherhood that seemed to thrive it was an incredible eye opening event that I recommend to anyone and everyone even if they are not necessarily into motorcycles but want to see different groups interacting with one another.

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