Spain The place you want to be


Spain has one of the worlds finest hotel resort. Cost for a 5 star hotel such as one above ranges from $171-$271. Just like any 5 star hotels, most of Spain's 5 star hotels also has free WiFi.



This famous piece of art work has been a treasure and historical remnants of Spain. Created by one of the world famous artist, Pablo Picasso, has created the tragedy of the city that was bombarded by Spain's dictator, Francisco Franco.

Park Guell

Park Guell is one of Spain's greatest tourist attraction where the world meets art. This site to behold will definitely satisfy your needs. If you like colors, Park Guell will not disappoint you.


San Fermin

San Fermin is a festival celebrated in Spain. This part of Spain's culture dates all the way back Roman Times where they honored the saint San Fermin. this festival also has many activities filled with music and the most famous, running of the bull. As you can see from the pictures, people in Spain admire running with the bulls which is quite fascinating.


Spain isn't just famous for their amazing festivals and tourist attractions, Its also filled with amazing 4 and above stars restaurants that is sure to make you content. Their style of food is what makes them unique and fascinating. Some foods i would recommend are Spanish Omelette and the famous Paella dish. The price ranges of a high quality restaurant goes as low as $26.84 to $53.68.

Travel costs

depending on where you are around the world, plane prices can rang from as low as $400 to almost $1,300. But, if you live in Europe, your expenses just got cut tremendously so take advantage of that and visit one of the worlds most fascinating place. From Columbus, Ohio to Spain Barcelona, prices can range from $1,245 to $2,118. the hotel cost for one night ranges from prices that go as low as $110 to as high as $200.


Spain is a country that is also famous in the sport of soccer. This game of soccer is sure to make you stand on your feet and cheering for Spain's team, FC Barcelona. the price for is season ticket is $129.25 so make sure to make it a memory to remember.


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