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By The Numbers…

Take a look at the divisional, regional and national performance through June.

Kenny’s Korner…

What’s up doc? Regional Program Manager Kenny Levitt highlights physician speakers from each division and how each may be a great choice for an upcoming program. Look for Kenny’s insights in all editions of Northern Ledger.

See how Mark and Sarah Depledge’s family has opened its home to many displaced children. Learn about the profound effect it has had on the entire family and the children who have been served.

Wellness Check…

We use our iPhones extensively each day, relying on it for myriad business functions. Find out about an App that can be used to provide valuable information during a medical emergency.

Mark’s Message

Northern Edge

Thank you very much for your strong efforts in the first half of the year. I’m really looking forward to finishing our year strong while also getting off to a great start in the new awards year. We faced several challenges in the first half, including spoilage, continuing cost pressures on our customers and replacing many colleagues who took on new roles within Genentech.

However, every challenge represents a great opportunity. I’m excited about the chance we have to finish at sales plan for 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody at the Business Unit Meeting next week, where we will focus on our critical strategies for each brand, celebrate the great work we have accomplished this year and meet all of our new colleagues.

My thanks to Matt Pothast and Tonya Pegram for their leadership in putting together our newsletter. I hope you enjoy this edition of Northern Ledger.



“Kenny’s Korner”

Welcome to another edition of "Kenny's Korner". Two things we will highlight this edition:

1) The ABS Speaker Spotlight Tool

Do you have a speaker program coming up? Not sure which speaker would be a great fit for your audience? Are they involved in a Telestroke program??

The ASB Speaker Spotlight is your solution.

The Speaker Spotlight can be found in gDOC, and can also be saved to your computer. It is a wonderful resource when planning a program. Please remember to take advantage of this great tool.

Regional Speakers - recommended by your peers

For August, we decided to highlight ED speakers from our region. Here are four emergency physicians who come highly recommended by your peers. Remember - we have great resources right in our own backyard.

August Speaker Highlights

Robert Cohen - ED Physician - He works in two ED settings that are in different networks, one in Ascension and one in Trinity. He advocates treating any stroke that is disabling to

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the patient. He is a partner in a local ED group and is responsible for stroke education for the group.

Jonathan Berkowitz - ED Physician, Medical Director, Regional Emergency Services, Inter-facility Transfer, and Disaster Management - Has presented the unbranded deck, and is very engaging.

Sush Prusty - ED Physician, EMS Medical Director - Dr. Prusty puts in a lot of time on the front end, understanding what the CS wants to accomplish. Does a nice job in handling low NIHSS discussions. Can be a huge help with EMS process.

Dwayne Siberski - ED Physician - Please see best practice below

Please make sure to take advantage of these wonderful resources, recommended by Amy McCarthy, Mike Kligerman, Theresa Bommarito, Rusty Smith, and Chris Hamacher.

Best Practice:

Duane Siberski, Deficits and Disability Deck - Suzanne Chesloski.

Dr. Siberski gave a wonderful presentation of the “Deficits and Disability” new slide deck. He presented it to a well-oiled stroke seam and ED at a suburban community hospital. This hospital has an 18% treatment rate and feels they treat all eligible patients. For more than 30 minutes, he discussed dizziness and the RISS patient. These two patient types are still difficult patients to diagnose and treat. At the end, the ED director stood up and admitted he just missed a RISS patient that he thought was improving. He didn’t treat the patient, and is now up in the ICU deteriorating. He said that their ED needs to do better and be bold and treat them. Another ED physician stood up and discussed a mild patient that he didn’t treat and ended up in rehab.

Dr. Siberski brings the responsibility to the ED physician. He explains why the ED physician struggles with these two patient types. He also does a wonderful job of bringing up the patients that the ED physician doesn’t want to treat and presents a great reason why they too NEED to be treated.

Do you have a best practice/success story to share around one of our new slide decks?Please pass them along to me or the utilization point person on your team (Rusty Smith, Chris “Haymaker” Hamacher, Amy McCarthy, Theresa Bommarito, Mike Kligerman), so that we can highlight your success and share it with the region.

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