Syrian Civil War By: Taylor Henning

While doing my research I found it very interesting how the revolution majorly affected the people who lived there and just how it affected the whole country in general. It was sometimes challenging to find information about certain topics like what caused the revolution to begin. I kept on finding news articles on events that had happened during the revolution. Before this project I wasn't really sure what made a revolution a revolution but, I realized that it's very serious and there isn't just one stage. I chose to research this revolution because I wanted to find out more about what caused it and how it was affecting them and the countries around the world.

Incubation Phase

In the incubation stage of my revolution, many things happened. It all started in 2011. The restrictions on women's rights and the harsh rules and laws they had to live under made them feel like they were being treated unfairly and poorly. The people wanted the freedom that they deserved and it made them mad. The country also had an economic downfall leaving a lot of people in poverty with no food or home.

Symptomatic Phase

During the symptomatic phase a new president came and made stricter laws and imprisoned anyone who publicly criticized the government. The protests that took place became more violent and serious. This resulted in higher crime rates. To make people behave or to keep them under control the government would use chemical weapons on them.

Crisis Phase

During the crisis phase things really started to get worse. No matter how many times the people protested the president wouldn't do anything about the laws he set in place or about the people's freedom. When the people would protest and riot police were ordered to kill people and to torture them in front of everyone so they would stop. Crime rates became even higher than they were before. 12,000 kids were killed during the crisis phase and that doesn't include the amount of kids that were tortured or the amount of adults that were tortured and killed. Eventually things became so bad that people felt the need to do suicide bombings.

ConValescence phase

So far there isn't a convalescence phase because this revolution hasn't ended. People are still being tortured and killed. Terrorist attacks are taking place all around. Judging from recent news articles and from my other research I'm not sure what could be done at this point to stop the violence and the protests because it seems like it has just gotten so out of control.

The Syrian Revolution VS. the American Revolution

The Syrian Revolution is similar to the American Revolution because the people were both upset with the amount of rights and freedom that they had. In England their religious rights were very limited and the people were not happy about it. In women's rights were limited and so were their freedom of religion. Although Syria had a less amount of freedom than England did during their revolution, the people from both countries were very upset about not getting what they deserved which caused them to fight back. and revolt.

The two revolutions are different in how the ended. The American revolution ended with a new government and with the English Bill of Rights while Syria's civil war has been going on for over 6 years and things have only continued to get worse. Also the events that took place during the Syrian revolution were a lot more violent and extreme than the events that took place in England. While England had a war Syria had bombings, terrorist attacks, chemical bombs, public torture, and very high crime rates.

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