Podcast on books

My first experience working on a podcast. This was a difficult task for me to come up with some of my favorite books as well testing my volume for my voice. The instructions were complex with adjusting the fade in and out portions. Overall this was a worthwhile assignment. My professor, Dona Nichols, got a chance to learn about some of my favorite books through my discussion.

Wonderful book on Vietnamese life

This was an enjoyable book that I read during the beginning of this year. I enjoyed reading about Trami Nguyen Cron's experiences being a Vietnamese American and the recipes that she included in her story. I like to cook as well with my family or with help from my family. The author uses the theme of dreams just like Amy Tan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and John Steinbeck. This story makes me proud to be a Vietnamese American. Photo credit by Martin Tran.

Percentages of graphic novel ratings

graphic-novels This was my second time creating a infographic for practice. I learned about comic book ratings from writers from the webpage that I got my information. I used some of the images that were on easily for books.


I had a great time making infographics and learned about percentages of readership for graphic novel, audio, and paperback. Usually I don't read about statistics for anything that i know about.

Links to second info graphic

My first time meeting Professor Noelle Brad- Williams at San Jose State University. I enjoyed my interview with her on her process of creating the class and her understanding of comics. She suggested I read VietAmerica. We had been in touch through email before i began my time as a student at SJSU. She admired my writing abilities as a person with language disabilities.

Common themes in liteature
Book Broucher

This was my first experience creating a book brochure on indesign. It was challenging but worthwhile with some help from classmates and tutor. I enjoyed the process. I took some of my own pictures and described each story in the brochure from my perspective. I am fascinated by the past and how it connects today's life.

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