Room 6 News/Issue 10 January 26, 2016

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100 Days of School Celebration

We look forward to marking the 100th day of school on Friday! We have been busy preparing necklaces with 100 pieces of Fruit Loops and making crowns with 100 star stickers. We have been practicing counting to 100 (an end of year expectation) and will celebrate throughout the day on Friday with 100 snack ingredients, comparing our collections to 100 grams, reading special books and gaining a stronger sense of the concept of 100. A special thank you to all families donating snack ingredients. Be sure to send your child's collection of 100 to school by Friday.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a special day of friendship and love. We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 14 at 2:40. The children will open their Valentine cards and glue them in a special keepsake booklet at the celebration. We will need many volunteers to help the children read their cards, organize the cards and the resulting trash well as glue the cards in the booklet and also to serve and clean up snack. We hope you can join us on this lovely day.

Valentine Decorations Needed - February 1

We will decorate white gift bags on Friday, February 3 to use as "mailboxes" for our Valentines. We need Valentine stickers, small red and pink doilies, small Valentine shaped craft foam stickers and red or pink ribbon. Please send in items by Wednesday, February 1 and thanks!

All About Sound

The students enjoyed learning all about sound through a variety of activities at Green Acres Art Center. The crafted a guitar to explore vibration. They visited various stations to experiment with pitch, to test how sound travels through air and water and to distinguish between sounds. It was an exciting and special day. Thank you to our many volunteers for their help. We could not have done it without you!

Scholastic Reading Club Orders - Friday

Scholastic Reading Club February book orders will be sent home on Friday, January 24. The orders are due Friday, February 3. Please let Mrs. Hillenbrand know if any ordered books will be used as Valentine gifts and need to be kept a secret. Orders can be placed online or sent to school with the order form and check.




Wanted: Box Tops


I Can Statements for this Week


I can name the characters, settings and events in a story.

I can retell a story.

I can tell the topic and details of the story.

I can identify and say the sound for the digraph /sh/.

I can read and spell the pop-up words: in, look, like, as, with.

I can solve mystery words using sound power, rereading and thinking what would make sense.


I can separate words by spaces in my writing.

I can put a period at the end of each sentence.

I can correctly spell all pop-up words and stretch out sounds in other words.


I can correctly and neatly write numerals, 1-10.

I can count forward to 75 by ones.

I can subitiize quantities of five.

I can represent and recognize quantities using drawings and counters arranged on a five frame.

Words to read and write independently

























Special Dates

  • Friday, January 27, 100th Day of School
  • Tuesday, February 14, Valentine's Day

Literacy Learning

We are learning there are many ways readers solve mystery words or unknown words. We know that readers activate super powers. The super powers include recognizing that something does not sound right and needs to be corrected so we reread. Super powers include looking at the picture and the sounds of a word and thinking what would make sense. We are learning readers can use the beginning sound, readers can use blends and digraphs and readers can check the ending of words. We are also working on reading longer and stronger by continuing to give book introductions, make predictions as we read, stop and ask ourselves questions and discuss our favorite part when finished. We will continue to work on retelling stories as well. Our retelling includes naming characters, setting and detailed events in sequential order.

Writing Workshop

We celebrated our end of semester accomplishments as writers with a snack and a toast. We have build confidence, stamina and skill as writers as we learned to write true stories about ourselves. Now, we are preparing to write nonfiction texts. Next week we will begin to write, "How to" books. This week we are working together to compose a narrative about our experience at Green Acres. We are focusing on putting spaces between words, putting capital letters at the beginning of each sentence (and no capital letters in the middle of words), and ending sentences with a period. Please encourage your budding author to incorporate these skills into his/her writing at home.


  • We are enjoying singing the song, January, to practice pointing to each word and reading the words in, with
  • We also are practicing reading, look, as we sing the poem, Snow.
  • We are practicing identifying blends as we review the blend chart.
  • We are working on forming all letter case letters with a correct and consistent way. This week we worked on n, f and s.

Books We Enjoyed at Read Aloud Time

Chicken Soup with Rice, Sendak

The Snowy Day, Keats

Big Snow, Bean

Snow, Shulevitz



We are working on learning all the ways to make five so we can easily add and subtract with meaning and understanding. We are counting to 100 and still practicing writing numerals without reversals.


Scholastic Reading Club book orders are due on Friday, February 3 by 4:00 pm.

100 Day Collections due on Friday, January 27

Send in Box Tops.

Send in items to decorate Valentine Mailbox bags by February 1.

Congratulations to these Students of the Week - Loralie, Lucas, Lucy and Nina

Happy Half Birthday, Lincoln !

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