ETHIOPIA By: Anthony wiley


Ethiopia is in the continent of Africa and is in the East and West hemishere. The coordinates of Ethiopia are 8°N, 38°E. Its borders are Eritea, Kenya, Red Sea, and the Idian Ocean. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis, Ababa.

This shows all of Ethiopia's borders, and some of its border's borders.
Theses are pictures of the Ras Dejen mountain, the Blue Nile, and the White Nile.


Ethiopia's land is a mixture of highlands and lowlands. The low is the Great Rift Valley which runs through the highlands toward the northeast. The highest peak in Ethiopia is Mt. Ras Dejen which rises to 15,177 feet (4,620 meters).
This is the Awash River in Ethiopia
Ethiopia has 3 main river systems. The largest in the west includes the Blue Nile, the Tekeze, and the Baro rivers. These 3 rivers drain into the White Nile. The second system consists of the Awash River, the lake Region, and the Omo River. The third system , originating in the Eastern highlands. Consists of the Snebele and Genale rivers which flow into the southeast.


Temperature Zones
Ethiopia's temperature zone is Tropical. Ethiopia is in the Tropical zone because its coordinates are 8°N and 38°E. Also, Ethiopia is in the Tropical zone because it is hot all year and the seasons are based on rainfall.


Ethiopia has a pretty large population for its size. Ethiopia is ranked 13th place in population. Ethiopia began populated when the haplogroup originated Ethiopia About one half of E1b1b found in Ethiopia is further characterized by E1b1b1a (M78), which arose later in north-eastern Africa and then back-migrated to eastern Africa. And now, the country is hilariously crowded, all day long. That is why Ethiopia is now classified as a rural country. Because of that, more people are entering than leaving.

Ethiopia has 90.2 million people
Ethiopia has such a big population that there are 209 people per square mile.


Addis Ababa is the top city and has 3,385 million people in it. This city is very crowded with humans and vehicles.
Naerel, Oromia has a population of 324,000 people
This is Dire Dawa Dire Dawa has about 293,173 people in the city.
The city in the picture is Cron dar, Amhara with 204,001 people.
This city is Deise, Amhara and is populated with 177,116 people.


Ethiopia is not even close to being developed, so it's a developing country. I say that because the GDP per capita is 1,300 and you need 30,000 to be developed. Also the life expectancy is 60.75 years and it needs to be 78 years to be developed. Finally Ethiopia's literacy rate is 39% and it needs to be 99% to be developed. This shows that Ethiopia is not a developed country and is developing.



Ethiopia has many languages, but there are 5 that people use the most. The 5 are Oromo (35.8%), Amharic (29.3%), Somali (6.2%), Tirigna (5.9%), and Sidomo (4%).

(The percentages change over time, but some of them stayed the same)


Ethiopia has a lot of religions practice in the country and 2 of them are some of are main religions (U.S.) The 2 are Islam and Christianity/Catholic. The other religions are Ethiopian Orthodox, Protestant, and traditional/other.
Here are SOME religions in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is most known for their runners. Most Ethiopians do track and participate in the Olympics. The most popular sports in Ethiopia are athletics and football (soccer). The Ethiopian football team is called Walyia Antelopes (won 1962 African cup of Nations). In athletics, Ethiopia first participated in 1956, then won 45 Olympic medals in 2012 (21 gold, 7 silver, and 17 bronze). Most of those medals were won from running events.

This is the trophy that the Walyia Antelopes won in the last1962 African cup of Nations game


Many Ethiopian people enjoy raw beef. The meat in Ethiopia is very fresh and of the high eat quality. Ethiopian cuisine consists of a variety of tasty sters ,fresh vegetables, and meat.

Raw Beef


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