Supporting your child to use the Welsh language at home Tîm Datblygu'r Gymraeg yng Ngheredigion

Don't worry!

There are many ways in which you can encourage and support your child to practise their Welsh outside school

We hope that the following information will help you to access suitable resources to support your child and allay any concerns you may have regarding the opportunities your child has to develop their language skills at this time.

Where to begin?

General guidance for parents and carers who are eager to support and develop the Welsh language skills of their children outside school can be found by selecting the link below.

You might also find this video clip for parents and carers of Welsh medium learners who do not speak Welsh at home helpful too. It's from Professor Enlli Thomas from Bangor University.

If you'd like to know more about Professor Thomas's studies regarding ways of using, retaining and re-energising language skills, selected reading is available here:

Byw a Bod

Promotional scheme for living in Welsh and bilingually in Ceredigion - click on the button to read the document

A video to accompany the booklet Byw a Bod

Seren a Sbarc

These are the official mascots of Welsh Government's Welsh Language Charter Initiative. Click on the button below to discover more about the Language Charter and the adventures of Seren and Sbarc. Various printable activity sheets are also available through the button..

Seren and Sbarc have dedicated social media accounts too so you can follow them on various platforms such as Twitter (@SerenaSbarc).

Language Charter Awards

All primary and secondary schools in our area promote the work of the Welsh Language Charter. They've already won the Bronze award and many are busy working towards the Silver Award and some busy preparing to be validated for the Gold Award! As a result, you might well see these playful characters on materials shared by your child's school.

Every day ...

is an opportunity to practise speaking Welsh but you'll probably see increased activity to celebrate certain occasions such as Diwrnod Cenedlaethol Barddoniaeth (National Poetry Day), Diwrnod y Llyfr (World Book Day), Diwrnod T. Llew Jones (T. Llew Jones Day), Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen (St. Dwynwen's Day), Dydd Miwsig Cymru (Welsh Music Day) and Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St. David's Day), of course!

Local Support

Each area of Wales has its own Menter Iaith (Welsh Language Initiative). The Mentrau are funded by Welsh Government to provide local opportunities for children and young people to practise their Welsh outside school. Currently, their activities are provided on-line. This means that some, if not all, activities are available to children who live outside the immediate locality so it's worth looking what the other Mentrau are providing too. Links to our local ones can be found here.

Keep an eye on the Twitter and Instagram pages of the Mentrau Iaith too for the most recent information and opportunities.

Something for everyone

Many other organisations are also eager to help parents to support their children. They've created a range of engaging activities to encourage children to enjoy using their Welsh in informal situations - just for the fun of it!

A variety of suggestions for children in the Foundation Phase (below Year 3) can be found here:

And for children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6), look here:

And for children in Key Stage 3 (Years 7 - 9), look here:

The Welsh Language Development Team in Ceredigion has launched a Facebook page called Cardi-Iaith. Here, we want to promote the use of Welsh socially, spread messages, offer opportunities - you can see puzzle of the week, polish the skills, short learn welsh videos to learn Welsh weekly and much more. Have a look, follow us and spread the message to parents, staff, friends about the page. @cardiiaith

Something to read?

Booktrust Cymru provides a wealth of resources to promote reading for children - including activity packages which parents / carers and young children can enjoy together. Take a look at what's on offer here ...

Atebol specializes in publishing educational books, literacy and numeracy packs and games for children and young people. Our wide selection of titles includes Early Years and Foundation Phase provision to Advanced Level and post-16 courses and academic titles.

You can listen to various stories for children in Welsh by searching 'Atebol Story Time' on Youtube!

The Urdd produces free digital magazines in Welsh which are suitable for children ...

Cip is a lively bi-monthly magazine for 7-12 year old readers ...

Acknowledgements: Urdd Gobaith Cymru


Bore da is a monthly magazine for Key Stage 2 Welsh learners and it's full of interesting articles and stories.

Acknowledgements: Urdd Gobaith Cymru


A contemporary bi-monthly magazine for secondary Welsh learners up to GCSE age

Acknowledgements: Urdd Gobaith Cymru

You can register to receive copies directly to your email account here:

Y Cliciadur

A quarterly on-line newspaper specifically for children in Welsh medium schools. It's full of facts, contemporary articles and a variety of activities. Current and previous editions are available here:

Fun Using the Language

Encourage your children to speak Welsh with family and friends outside of school whether face-to-face or by digital means. It will help to maintain their language skills.

Something to watch

Watching TV in Welsh will help you increase your understanding and enjoyment of the language. The Welsh broadcaster S4C has programs available to watch online, take a look at these ideas.

Foundation Phase - Songs, Games, Create, Cyw Tiwb, Birthdays Stwnsh
Key Stage 2
Join the Art Challenge!
This is the show that does the experiments you shouldn't do at home! - Boom
The television program for all young football fans Boom

Learning through Apps

When used in moderation, children can practise and develop their language skills through a variety of educational apps too - many available without cost. We've included some suggestions for children in the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 below. Why not have a look?

Support for more formal educational activities

A range of support to help you support your child with more formal school activities is also available.

BBC Bitesize has produced a number of resources for Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 children. They can be accessed by the links below.

What about you?

You may want to try to learn Welsh. You might have learnt Welsh at school and are interested in revisiting the language.

If you are considering your own Welsh language journey, here are some useful sources of information that might help you. Whatever your level, there are options for you.

Click on the underlined blue text in section below to discover more about the opportunities available to help you on your own bilingual journey.

The National Centre for Learning Welsh provides a suite of language learning options at five different levels: Entry, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency. The centre offers locally available language learning classes through 11 centres nationally. Learn Welsh Ceredigion-Powys-Carmarthenshire provides courses in the county council areas with a successful shift to more online provision in recent times. Click on the link for local information and promotions. Find your new course.

Have a go at some of their informal 10 minute Mini Lessons for beginners. Enjoy!

Should you be interested in Welsh in the Workplace taster sessions, there are a range of options including online taster courses offered free of charge . These are bespoke workplace Welsh courses developed for sectors including education, health, social care, tourism and retail.

Just for fun!

Duolingo promotes language learning through game-like experiences and is a popular way of learning Welsh informally. Visit the Duolingo website and choose Welsh or download the App.

No rules no fuss!

SaySomethingInWelsh is a free online course that focuses on helping people learn to speak and understand Welsh. It avoids complicated grammar rules and reading / writing. It is available via website and App platforms..

Encouraging your children to speak Welsh socially will help them develop their confidence and fluency.

Confidence boost?

Know some Welsh but lack confidence? There's a whole range of technological tools to support language development and accuracy. Here are a few!


Online spelling and grammar checker. Type or paste text into the box and it will instantly check your work. Click the link to give it a try!


This software package which checks Welsh spelling and grammar has been released as a free download thanks to a partnership between Bangor University and the Welsh Government. Click the link to give it a try!

Y Termiadur Addysg

Sponsored by the the Welsh Government, this resource provides standardised terminology for the field of education. These are the terms to be used in resources of all kinds for teachers and students as well as in Welsh medium exams. Click below to give it a go!

English <> Welsh Dictionary

Don't forget about the impressive Ap Geiriaduron dictionary app. Once downloaded onto your device, you do not need a web link to use this comprehensive English >< Welsh dictionary.

The app will give access to a wealth of information in your pocket. It includes the general dictionary Cysgair as well as the standard terminology dictionaries for Welsh schools and further education colleges. See the link below!


We all question ourselves about the Treiglad Meddal, Treiglad Trwynol a'r Treiglad Llaes sometimes. This app can help you! More information is available through the link below ...

To bach (^)?

If a vowel requires a 'to bach' (^), this software is available free of charge and makes placing a circumflex accent in Welsh words very easy. By using the Alt Gr key it is possible to place a 'to bach (^)' on all the Welsh vowels â, ê, î, ô, û, ŵ and ŷ. Follow the link for more information ...

And finally ...

Remember that Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are available in Welsh. Check them out here ...

Looking for further information?

Staff at your child's school are very eager to support you on your bilingual journey. Speak to them ... They're waiting to help..

or for further assistance please contact anwen.eleribowen@ceredigion.gov.uk

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