The Enemy Above By: Michael Spradlin

This is a book about World War 2
Relate: I can relate to Anton. Anton reminds me of Harry Potter from the "Harry Potter" book series. Anton does every thing he can in his power to free Jews from the Gestapo and protect them. Even though he is not very strong, he is smart. Harry Potter is always helping people out and sticking his nose were it shouldn't be just like Anton.

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Reflect: This book really was a great book and I would love to know why Michael Spradlin decided to write a book like this. I would like to know what inspired him to write a book about the lives of the Jewish people in the Nazi invasion and if he has a connection to it.

The Nazi's are the ones who captured Jewish people

Review: I liked this authors writing style because his words are simple and easy to read and he puts in Jewish and German words in the text. Also he puts 2 different perspectives in the story, one from Anton's (A Jewish boy who faces the struggles of watching his family and friends being captured,) perspective and then Major Von Duesen's (A Nazi soldier who's job is to capture Jews.) Perspective. I would rate this book an 8 out of 10 because there are a couple confusing parts and a couple of editing mistakes but for the most part it is a really great book.


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