Grainy Gals Gala Opening Reception

Hosted by Ogma Brewing Company

Meet the ladies

(From left to right) Aynee Duimstra, Kaiti McDonough, Melanie Hilliard, Justine Melville, Heather Biddle

In this day in age, digital imagery is a staple in our day to day life from our mobile phones to cameras. We are spoiled from the instant feedback we get when we take a photo or photos for you selfie fans... Not that long ago people were limited to loading a film roll into their favorite camera and choose their shots because of the limited photos one could take. Then the “best part”..... The wait. If someone didn’t have access to a dark room to develop their film they had the option to have a variety of locations that would do that for you. That being said there is certainly something intriguing about film...

These ladies celebrated the yesteryear. Their works displayed were shot with various forms of film cameras. The opening reception was a private, invite only event with a Dj, catering and of course beer! Ogma Brewing Company was a great host and beautiful venue for these ladies art to be displayed.

A special mention to my lovely and talented wife Aynee Duimstra. This was her very first art show! It makes me so proud to be there for her moment!

The evening was a wonderful time with good friends, family, and great art! Well done ladies! ~Sethington

Created By
Seth Duimstra

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