I'm Carl Foster and this is my portfolio. I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, appreciated Kobe Bryant's dedication and hard work, which is why he is represented in my portfolio.

My "Above the Rim Project" is an example of how I have an interest in basketball, and shows that I'm a basketball fanatic.
This is a project I had done in my graphic designs class on shoes and someone you look up to. I thought to myself and said "why not do Kobe and his shoes since he's my idle.
I put this as my cover because this is my favorite project I've ever done. I just have a special bond with basketball and looking up to people who are making or have made history which makes me a basketball fanatic.
My final post about Kobe Bryant is when he won the NBA Finals 5 times, and was looking for a 6th to prove that Michael Jordan wasn't the only greatest of all time. This is why I chose "Above the Rim" because he that title is like a never give up attitude or mentality.
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Carl Foster

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