Sit-ins By:Montez Hinton

What were the main events leading to Sit-ins: On the Feb.1st , 1960 there were 4 college students that wanted start a peaceful tactic. The things that lead to event was the racism and unfair rights of the African american people. They were treated as slaves still and we just had got tired of it and wanted a change for the future. They had showed no mercy in the racial segregation that was happening.

Where and When did this happen:

Sit-ins had occurred on Feb.1st 1960 in Greensboro North Carolina. While they were just waiting to be served some coffee and had stood there ground till they were served.

What were they trying to accomplish out of this:

They were trying to just get equal rights. Just wanted to show how everyone is the same. That just blacks shouldn't be able to sit on one side the restaurant. Basically African American were treated like trash like they were just monsters. So Martin Luther King jr had supported this movement that this is not just right at all. "We all are GODS children".

What type of people were involved:

The people were involved were African americans. The people who did the Sit-ins were 4 college students. But the big person was Martin Luther King Jr. And there could have been any more civil rights activists and leaders involved. There was even a White guy involved in sit-ins cause he saw the same picture that we are all the same and that should have showed how that things were not right.

What kind of obstacles were they facing while Sit-ins:

Some of things they had to practice before they acutely did the sit-in was to practice being abused,Spit on, Coffee getting poured on them,etc. This all things they had to fight through not fight back with the whites. But they did go through the beating but they later on was arrested after just being abused and this is not a sign of equal rights.

What event now can you relate to Civil rights:

The first event is Black lives matter. How us African Americans are getting shot by police officers cause they are just intimidated of us. Another is Eric gardner how he was chocked out by the police and had clearly said he couldn't breathe but they did not listen to him. Last, is Trayvon Martin is how he was shot because he had a hood on and looked suspicious. That is a stereotype and is not right at all

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