Legend Of Liam Elmore by Naiara and shant

This story is set in Scotland in 1863. It begins with a boy known as Liam Elmore, who lives in the country. He finds out through and old man he never met before that he is the chosen one, the one who needs to defeat the evil plaguing the world. You will need to find a map, which will help lead you to the legendary battle axe you will use to end Dormummu. You will need to fight not only goblins, but their boss as well before making it to Dormummu, the final battle. To find out the rest you must play the game!


Title page
Main Character: Liam Elmore
Friend; Josie Atwood, who has telepathic abilities
Dormummu: (you will need to beat others along the way! Be careful!)


Shant and Naiara 

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