The Florida Museum of Natural History By:Kennedy Day

Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum allows people to step out of their ordinary lives by having inviting and interactive displays to explore. The butterfly house is a perfect example. Instead of thinking about everyday responsibilities and stress, you can look at colorful butterflies for hours and appreciate the beauty of these magnificent creatures. This exhibit helped me better understand the majesty of the natural world because it displayed a lot of plants and birds as well as butterflies. Visitors can get up close and personal to beautiful flowers and a running creek where the butterflies came down and drank their nectar. Watching animals on their habitat makes you feel bad for destroying it just so you can have a McDonalds close to home. By interacting with animals and nature, humans can begin to understand that we share the world with other animals who need our help to preserve their habitats so they can live happy and healthy.

Nature and Ethics: In this exhibit, the museum displayed the different areas of Northwest Florida and the different animals/ecosystems that live there. This exhibit allowed people to appreciate the local nature that we have and the habitats that animals live in. I did have the opportunity to experience Leopoldo's nature recommendations because it showed me ecosystems close to home that I can save and preserve. I felt a sense of pride and protection for the area that I lived in when walking through the exhibit. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by having interactive parts of the exhibit. Visitors could lift logs, climb through caves, and walk along side the sandy beaches, making it feel more realistic. This exhibit did instill an ethical responsibility in me because I want to keep the land and animals clean and happy for many generations to come so my children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty that I did.

Nature on Display: The Florida Museum of Natural History just opened a new museum with live frogs. Various frog species were presented and you could see them interact and move. This intrigued me because I love live exhibits and I love animals that I can physically see and not just read about. The exhibit initially caught my attention because it had just opened, and the signs announcing it were colorful and bright. I learned a lot about different frongs in the exhibit; what they ate, where they were from, and if they were poisionous. I could have learned this information from the internet but I would not be able to see the live frog in question. My experience was enjoyable because of my love for animals. It felt like I was at the zoo and the display was so open and vibrant. I really enjoyed the frog exhibit and I would go back on my free time.

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