SANTA MARIA GRILLS A Story told by sunterra outdoor and the bbq pit boys

Sunterra Outdoor and the BBQ Pit Boys offers one of the best Santa Maria-style barbecue grills, a culinary tradition admonished by backyard professional pit-masters everywhere. All of our Santa Maria BBQ grills are heavy duty in construction. By combining 3/16" gauge steel & fire brick for the side walls, including (3/16") heavy gauge material for the grill base floor, our design offers a new standard for construction and heat dispensation that will provide a long-lasting product and hassle-free barbecuing.

The grills are available in many sizes in both cart and non cart versions. All styles are offered in either a single or dual grates and hand crank configurations that lifts or lowers the grill grates over the coals to the desired distance from the heat. All Sunterra Outdoor Santa Maria grills feature ceramic fire bricks that create heat retention and distribution.

Sunterra Outdoor and the BBQ Pit Boys Santa Maria Grill is for the BBQ Grill-master that loves to cook and entertain on the Creme de la Creme in the Argentine style.

Available in all sizes 30" - 96" both cart and non-cart versions. 


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