Defending Donna Osborn by: Meredith ROPER AND CHRISTINA TSANGARIDES

Pathos: Even though the witness Leslie Crown claims Clint's abuse was non-existent because Donna never brought it to her attention, lets look back at one of our witnesses. Lee Harris, a director at Options for Battered Women, informs us that each of the 4 times Donna was injured, she called them to explain it was abuse she was receiving from her husband, Clint. This proves she is telling the truth, so lets take into account how scared Donna must have been at each doctor appointment with her abuser, there was no way she would've been able to tell the truth with her husband sitting there. How would each of you feel to tell a doctor that your abuser is a man she's known for years, the man that is sitting in the room, the man that you have to go home with after you tell on him, and the man that has been controlling your life for years.

ETHOS: Each of the witnesses defending Donna Osborn's truth is credible, and has proved their credibility. Lee Harris has worked at Options for Battered Women for teen years and is now the director, she also has a MSW in social work. Jack Matthews, finishing PhD in American Literature, teaches English at MCC and SUNY Brockport. Kim Lenore, an expert in psychological disease and debilitation like battered women syndrome, a Ed. D. in education from SUNY-Albany, a M.A. in education, a B.A. in psychology from Cornell. We have all of these people that have testified under oath about what they know to be true about Donna's abuse, people who are well educated and credible. This proves to you that Donna is not lying about Clint's abuse.

LOGOS: Donna had 18 sutures in May of 1989 due to a supposed softball injury, a compound fracture of the right arm because if a baseball game in March of 1990, a broken rib from falling during November of 1990, and again 12 sutures on her forehead from also falling. How could she play softball and baseball within the same year and not receive more minor injuries, and thinking deeper... girls aren't even allowed to play baseball, right? In the year of 1990 thanksgiving would of been held Thursday November 16, but they waited 4 days until Monday November 20. If she had broken her rib on Thursday, she would have been in an imminence amount of pain and unable to wait 4 days for treatment bringing to question when and how the rib was truthfully broken.

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