Cyber bullying we should stop!!!

Hi this Easton and today i'm going to tell you about cyber bullying.

The 4 forms of cyber bullying are Flaming,Harassment,Exclusion,Outing.

1. Flaming:Flaming is similar to harassment, but it refers to an online fight exchanged via emails, instant messaging or chat rooms. It is a type of public bullying that often directs harsh languages, or images to a specific person.

2. Harassment:It involves the bully sending offensive and malicious messages to an individual or a group and is often repeated multiple times. Cyber talking is one form of harassment that involves continual threatening and rude messages, and can lead to physical harassment in the real, offline world.

3.Outing:Outing is when a bully shares personal and private information, pictures, or videos about someone publicly. A person is “outed” when his information has been disseminated throughout the internet.

4. Masquerading:Masquerading is a situation where a bully creates a fake identity to harass someone anonymously. In addition to creating a fake identity, the bully can impersonate someone else to send malicious messages to the victim.

Cyber Bulling is bad and if you know someone who is cyber bulling someone you should tell a trusted adult because 9 times out of 10 someone who is or has be cyberbully commits suicide. Do you know what percent of people experience cyber bullying... 87 PERCENT and the percent of teens that emit to being cyber bulled is... 39 percent, the amount of teens emitting to cyber bullying some else is... 15 percent.

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