Lagos Boys Junior School Wednesday 14th February 2018

Another exciting day ahead of me, today I get a chance to teach! However before we get to Lagos Boys Junior School lets deal with that traffic again!!

On arrival at the school I am met by the school principle, he's looking very dapper in his traditional Nigerian outfit and he tells me that a number of staff are attending a cultural event today. Kayode, the French teacher then takes me to go and observe a few classes. Again I am very impressed with the levels of commitment from all staff and students; I see excellent examples of questioning, group work, discussion etc in many different lessons.

Next I am up!! The Art room is very hot indeed and my class is now filling up, I have just over 50 year 8 boys ready to go. I decide to work on some discussion with the students about painting; it connects well with the recent practical painting work that they have been exploring. My aim is to get them looking at and exploring a painting to help them with their practical work. I use the Millais image of Ophelia and I use the WAYS IN structure of analysis to help structure the teaching and learning into bite size pieces. I am amazed at the students’ responses, they are eager to engage and offer their own reflections, all of which are captured in their own, temporary learning logs, an approach I have picked up from the excellent resources provided by Tate in their teachers handbook.

I think the lesson went well, the students offered interesting reflections on the painting and were very eager to learn about the work and express their own ideas and opinions. There was a lot of fist pumping at the end of the lesson!! By the end I am knackered and feel very hot indeed! One of the teachers, Bissi comes to my rescue with some traditional Nigerian food to energise me and get me ready for the afternoon. I get to sample, Pap (Ogi) which is a kind of sweet custard and Moin-moin, which is pulped beans, spices and fish, wrapped in leaves and then steamed. Everyone watches as I eat, waiting to see my facial expressions. The food is very good, mildly spicy but the Pap cools that quite nicely!

I watch another lesson in the afternoon, and then I head back to my hotel. On arrival at the hotel I get a call from Lucy and Anthony, the other teachers from Erith school and they have arranged for me to be picked up so I can then collect them and we head onto an Art Gallery by the coast in Lagos. A quick change and I'm out again!!

Wow!! What an incredible gallery, full of amazing artworks, painting, sculpture, print-making, mixed-media etc. The gallery is run by Nike, an African woman artist who uses richly detailed and arresting batik images to chronicle her society's contradictory views towards women. We are all so impressed with the wealth of experimental work that we see and the recycling of materials like these sculptures of animals using old car tyres!!

The gallery even has a few holiday properties filled with rich, wonderful artwork where clients can immerse themselves in art as they relax at home!!

We are all now well and truly knackered and in need of food and drink so we head back into the traffic and towards a restaurant. Once again the traffic is terrible, we move at a snails pace and a ten minute journey takes over a few hours!! I can't stand this traffic!! See you tomorrow.

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