Dane County Fair BY: dakota brown

It's 12:30 Am in the morning , four more hours till we can start prepping nora. The others are still in the camper sleeping. Finely Grant walks into the barn at 3:30 one more hour ! yup one more. at 4:00 we decided to go get something to eat at the store. By the time we got back nora was up and phil was in the barn cleaning up from last nite.

After nora got up we had to ice her. The resin we had ice the udder is so the seme does not break open. After we got that done cleaning and icing nora juddy and cory finley walk into the barn. Finley says grant! ya ya just get her in the shoot cory says. After we got nora in the shoot we did her top line and touch ups. cory was doing the top line judy was doing the feet and i had the fun job of doing the tail. After we did all that it was 6:50 we had show at 7:15. The last thing we had to do was gell the udder. After we did that is was time to go down to the show ring.

Are you ready bud? I am when they called my class into the ring. They called my class We walked for five minutes then the judge made his first pull I was not in first place not yet we walked for five more minutes. Then he made his second pull I was the one in first place I was jumping up and down!!!

as I was walking out of the show ring. So many people were congratulating me. I felt so so good. Then as we were walking back to the cory stopped me and said you have to go back in. So we ran back to the ring. I as I walked in the judge was really looking at me and that’s when i knew it. I was going to get grand champion. We lined up our cows the judge gave his speech. Then came the moment he walked over to the other cow but then turned around and came to me. I was so excited.

After we got back the barn we had a big party with a lot people. The party ended late. then came the boring part washing nora and cleaning the barn that took over an hour. But after that day it was worth it. By the time we got done it was time to go to bed.

even though prepping and getting the nora ready for the show when I got in the show ring it was all worth it. after all The 2013 dane county fair was very fun. I am looking forward to next year Dane county fair.

This was when I was watering nora after she got done showing. shes the one on the right.

this is Nora's sister getting grand champ the same day.

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