Tour of the Harn Seeking the Good Life through Art

Ravi Patel

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Midtown Composite (1997) Woodcut by Yvonne Jacquette

This is a woodcut art piece where the artists carves the art into a woodblock so that certain areas will retain paint and other areas wont. By doing this the artist must think on a 3D and 2D level adding complexity to an art piece that seemingly may be thought to be simple because it is only two colors. I found this unexpected complexity appealing. It communicated to me that something may look simple at first glance but if more background is understood and a closer look is taken then appreciation for the art is greater as well as complexity. It made me feel that even the most simple looking things may have a complex background.

Design of the Museum

Asian Art Gardens and Ceramics Display [Neolithic Period (2500-2000BCE) - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)]

I found the Asian Art Exhibit of the Garden and Ceramics to be the most beautiful parts of the museum because the ceramics case had art work ranging from the Neolithic Era to the 20th century giving it timelessness and evolution. The case allows the viewer to follow the progression chronologically but also comparatively with different eras. The garden was tranquil and the flowing water was very soothing. It's very inviting and comforting. The overall exhibit gave me a greater appreciation for asian arts timelessness and tranquility.

Art and Core Values

Seated Buddha (4th-5th century) by Gandhara

One of my core values is meditation and peace which I have started recently. This art piece of the buddha helps me feel centered to these core values because it demonstrates the timelessness of the core value since this art piece was created in the 4th-5th century. It strengthens my understanding of my core value by emphasizing its importance on life since such an important figure (Buddha) is doing it. It evokes a sense of peace and levity as it appears the figure is levitating. It appeals to my emotion of peace and understanding because it depicts the meditation of Buddhism.

Art and the Good Life

Guerrilla Girls Exhibet
Guerrilla Girls Exhibet

This is the Guerilla Girls Exhibit at the museum that depicts their posters on which they have many messages advocating for equality for women. This highlights the theme that there is still gender inequality out there and advocates for a larger change towards gender equality. It evokes this theme by specifically showing the facts of inequality in the world concerning gender. For instance the disparity between women artists represented and nude females as subjects. It adds to my appreciating of the good life theme of equality because it tackles the problem straight on by addressing the facts straight to the point not dancing around it.


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