FPHS Spring Concert City auditorium 6.30pm

Nemesis - Gary D Ziek

In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the god of retribution and vengeance. It has come to mean an unstoppable foe, an unbeatable rival, an implacable enemy. The piece is based on a descending three note motive using the intervals; perfect fourth and minor second. It is marked "with malice", and is highly volatile in nature, projecting the powerful and ominous feelings associated with the title.

HAVENDANCE - David Holsinger

David Holsinger's first child, his daughter Haven, was the inspiration for this 1983 composition. Its driving rhythms represent the energy of an eight year old, who was constantly dancing and twirling around the house, dreaming of being a ballerina. The composition undergoes several variations in style, but it is always filled with energy. Some passages evoke the image of a single dancer, with solo pirouettes and leaps; these light efforts grow to draw in the full dance company with an unrelenting, underlying rhythm. Havendance is the first of three dancesongs honoring the composer's children; Nilesdance and Graysondance reflect the diverse personalities of his two sons.

Rapunzel - arr. Steve McDonald

Rapunzel is performed by members of the percussion ensemble. This group of students has prepared this piece of music almost entirely on their own. Mr. Pask has helped coordinate rehearsals and with logistics. The music was selected by the students, and rehearsals were run by the students.

Aladdin - arr. Paul Jennings

Aladdin is from Walt Disney's "ALADDIN" and features selections from the famous movie. You will hear the music from the movie including: Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, and A Whole New World. Sit back and relax as the band takes you on a trip to ancient Arabia.

Music from THE INCREDIBLES - arr. Jay Bocook

From Walt Disney Pictures' THE INCREDIBLES, A Pixar film. Here is the 2004 animated phenomenon from the innovative creators at Pixar Studios! Follow the far-fetched story of an “incredible” family of crime fighters along with their flashy music written in the campy style of a mid-1960s spy thriller. Sassy and bold, this music is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Thank you for attending tonight's concert! This is the final performance of the 2018-2019 school year. We are so proud of our students for their continued commitment and success this year. The band could not do it without our administrators, community, and parents. Thank you for your continued support. We will have our first meeting preparing for next year on May 16th at 5pm. Schedule, handbook, and other information will be covered and handed out. Join us May 16th to help keep yourself in the loop! Have a great summer; we will see you in July!

Below you will find a link to the band's webpage. Be sure to visit for upcoming information!

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