Newfoundlands By: Jaxon Redhorse

Newfoundlands are very, very nice.

Newfoundlands are good with kids.

Newfoundlands have a lot of patience.

Newfoundlands were bred for swimming and they are good at water rescue.

A Newfoundland dog (chewy me and my cat inky)

Newfoundlands come in 3 colors black, brown, and black and white. ( the black and white Newfoundland are called Landseers.)

Left Landseers middle black Newfoundland right brown newfoundland


Chewy is a very lazy dog, she loves her bones

Chewy loves sticks and loves the outdoors

Chewy loves snow and her famly

Chewy loves the dog house in Breckenridge and she loves other dogs.

Chewy gets to go to my mom's work, she has a dog friend at the office

Chewy loves water. She loves to wade and she loves to swim.

Chewy is good with Inky my cat but Inky is a tough cat

Chewy is a good dog, she is a black Newfoundland

Every dog is a grate dog pepole love there dogs to

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