Nutrition 4 Athletes

Kiwi's and bananas are a great thing to eat after a hard workout at the gym

Hydration helps you perform your best at a high level of intensity. During games, drinking Gatorade helps you replenish lost sugars and electrolytes.

My favorite thing to eat before a basketball game is a Nature Valley Oats N' Honey Crunchy granola bar. This is a great source of instant energy for our bodies.

Playing basketball is a good way to keep my body in condition. It allows me to exercise, thus helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My sister is a runner at Utah State University, a Division I school. I play basketball, and therefore she and I maintain our bodies differently. Although we may train differently, we both have to eat the right foods to keep our bodies in top condition.

This is a great night before a game dinner. Potatoes are full of carbohydrates, tenderloin steak is packed with protein, broccoli is full of vitamins, and carrots have tons of beta carotene.

Often times we think there is a certain recipe or a certain thing we are supposed to eat to be an elite performer. The truth is that we have to experiment and find what our body performs best with.

I got to meet Jalen Moore, Utah State's best basketball player. Surprisingly, I met him at a fast food restaurant, Panda Express. Although it is not good to eat out regularly, it is okay if you eat out once in a while. This provides evidence that you should eat what your body can perform best with.

Haha ice cream (Coldstone) YUM!! Kelsey's nutritionist has said, " After a tough workout, a little ice cream is a good recovery treat."

Everybody is happier and healthier when we exercise and eat nutritious foods!

My Sources: Kelsey Yamauchi. Interview (trainer)

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