iPad Configuration

Before iPads are used within the School network, they must be appropriately configured with an education profile. We use a mobile device manager (MDM) called ZuluDesk to install profiles and manage the iPads.

ZuluDesk enables us to:

  • Install applications on student devices
  • Hide a range of applications such as messages and the App Store
  • Hide all games and other personal applications deemed not necessary for school
  • Restrict Internet sites considered inappropriate for children
  • Reset passcode if students forget
  • Lock an iPad to a particular app

ZuluDesk is a powerful device manager built specifically for education settings.

Configuration for School Use

Being a new school, we currently outsource many of our IT requirements to a company called Dextera. We do have an IT Support representative from Dextera who is based onsite Monday to Friday. iPad Configuration includes the following:

  1. Supervision. The iPad is ‘supervised’ which means it is put in a mode that allows us to manage it. As part of the supervision, the iPad is wiped to its factory settings.
  2. Installation of the ZuluDesk Management Profile.
  3. Setup of WIFI settings. It is not possible to simply connect to the WIFI.
  4. Applications are installed. Teachers decide on what applications are needed for their class. Parents do not need to purchase or install applications.
  5. The creation of a St James’ email account.
  6. Login details for Microsoft Office 365, including OneDrive storage are created.

Backing Up

As part of configuration, each iPad is completely wiped to its factory settings. If your child has important data on their device, they will need to backup first at home. Backups can be performed by connecting the iPad to iTunes on a PC or Mac using the USB charging cable. The ‘Backup Now’ button needs to be clicked. It can take quite a few minutes for a backup to be completed. Data and settings will be backed up to the computer. You may choose to backup to iCloud, but there are storage limitations so this will depend on the amount of data that needs to be backed up.

Syncing, Not Restoring

If you are wishing to restore the data that was backed up, you can do so after configuration by reconnecting the iPad back to iTunes. It is essential that you select ‘sync’ and NOT restore. Clicking ‘restore’ will undo the work completed by Dextera and the iPad will not be useable for school. See the attached document which describes how to ‘sync.’

Applications/Songs and Not Backing Up

You may choose not to back up your data. Please note that any applications or songs purchased can easily be downloaded again using the same Apple ID used to originally buy them. This is regardless of whether an iPad has been backed up or not.

On the Day of Configuration

Before configuration can take place, the following needs to occur;

  1. The student must have their name on their device.
  2. The passcode must be switched off. It can be turned back on later.
  3. Find my iPad is to be deactivated. This is done in Settings by tapping on iCloud. The iTunes password must be entered to deactivate Find my iPad. It can be reactivated afterwards.

Configuration occurs only once, unless a student replaces their iPad/updates it by purchasing a new one.

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