The Art of Ballooning A HistorY and Analysis

Latex balloons were invented in 1824 by Michael Faraday for laboratory use to keep gases contained. This idea came from the way that animal intestines balloon out to contain digestive gases.

The first non-lab use of balloons was for the military as an observation point.

Balloons became popular as decorations because they were cheap and colorful.

Despite their popularity elsewhere, balloons were not manufactured in the United States until 1907.

Balloons are made by dipping shaped metal molds into vats of colored latex repeatedly until they are strong enough to withstand stretching.

Balloons are used to make many things including balloon animals and sculptures.

Balloons can be used at a variety of events like...


Children's parties

And sorority events.

There are even several organizations that hold balloon sculpting competitions.
Besides latex balloons, there are also foil balloons made of Mylar, bubble balloons made of clear plastic, and giant balloons made of vinyl.

Gianna Green


Leftballons by B. Weber, CC 3.0

Photo by awsilver from Balloons Huey, CC 2.0

Photograph of Michael Faraday by John Watkins from Millikan and Gales Practical Physics (1922), CC

Faraday in his Laboratory at the Royal Institution, London, CC 4.0 International

South African observation balloon brought to Australia by the Imperial Contingent from The Queenslander, 9 February 1901, CC 2.5

Pool Party Decoration by Partycanadainc, CC 3.0

Photo by Trey Ratcliff from Balloons at Disney, CC

Photo by ChristineR, Photo by Beverly & Pack from 76 Stars and Stripes, Red, White, & Blue Hot Air Balloon Dipping in Prospect Lake, Memorial Park, Colorado Balloon Classic, CC

Photo by Steven Depolo from balloon twisting and balloon animals 2014 Qiqi Holland Street Performers Series August 14, 2014 4, CC

Photo by Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity, CC

Watermelon Balloon Sculpture by Glenda Ellington, CC

Balloon Arch by Glenda Ellington, CC

Balloon Bubbles by Daniel Nelson, CC

Photo by Partycanadainc, CC 3.0

Balloon Sculpture #2 by Choo Yut Shing, CC

Mylar Balloons on Ceiling by Je Kemp, CC

Photo by Affairs in the Air Balloon Decorating, CC 4.0

Magical Double Balloons by Denis Giles, CC

Photo, CC 3.0

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