Spark Stories Tessa Walters

Nature and Ethics: In the Butterfly Rainforest, I felt that I experience nature the way Leopold intended. I was in the butterfly's home, and it was definitely awe-inspiring seeing all of them fly around freely. I think this was a great opportunity for visitors to connect with nature. In this picture, instead of bothering the butterfly, I coexist with it. I definitely felt that ethical responsibility as Leopold describes.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This skeleton of an elephant helped me step out of my ordinary life and into one of someone or something living among the elephants. I realized the majesty of its stature and the mystery of how the skeleton was found here.
Nature on Display: As a native Gainesvillian, I've come to this museum a couple times before this, especially as a kid. This has always been my favorite display. I didn't really realize how enormous all sharks jaws are, but especially the megalodon. And this was only found in the St. Johns River! It's so eye-catching because the jaws are so huge! I learned that I would easily fit inside a megalodon's mouth, but it's okay because they're extinct now. I love this exhibit because it provides a different, skeletal perception of how we view sharks.

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