this is maldives

Imagine endless Blue skies Crystal clear Turquoise sea , White sand beach feels like walking on silk and 5 star water villa with a privet Jacuzzi and a privet butler

Ayada resort maldives

A romantic and stunning destination the touches your senses in every way its a dream destination for millions of love couples

without thinking we booked our tickets and packed our bags and we head to our honeymoon destination

we arrived to male the Maldivian capital nothing was special there until we took our flight to the privet resort

the view from above was incredible

Our destination is Maldives South Central Province Gaaf Dhaalu Gaaf Dhaalu to Ayada resort

ones we arrived the resort we were welcomed by the staff and the privet butler that was responsible for our comfort and needs

imagine waking up to this every morning

we made our self busy right away

together forever
that smile stole my heart

after splashing around we took our rides to explore the beauty of the island

just enjoy the heaven

the resort was amazing from every angle

the sunset took our breath away and we head back to the villa for some rest

after relaxing with a great view we head to a barbeque dinner and a movie at the pool

the day is done and a dream came true

a love story that last forever
everything is beautiful when she is with me

here I made a video of our amazing trip

I hope you accomplish your dreams like I did thanks for watching

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