waterloo by: Ethan, Evan, Kazuki & Jeremy

Waterloo is one of the most advanced cites in Canada. We have two universities and one of them is rated second overall in Canada.
Mayor Dave Jaworski, Rick Wherle, Jeff Outhit

We asked the individuals above some questions during an interview. Rick Wherle told us about what makes a community. Mayor Jaworski told us about how Waterloo is a advanced community and how has grown so much that it is no longer grow out it is growing up. Jeff Outhit told us about how diverse it is.

Even though Waterloo has a lot of suburban and urban areas. We still have a beautiful park. That is park is one of the reasons Waterloo is different than other communities. It has a mini zoo, trails and a splash pad. Also, it is special because it is right to down town. Every Christmas Waterloo set's up lights at the park. It is really nice to see.

Waterloo park in Christmas time
Coming Soon to the park....a glowing trail
pictures of Velocity

Velocity is so cool because it helps startup companies. It gives them working space, tech, and advice all with no change. This is good for the community because this means that there is lots of jobs open. This is part of the reason that the community is so advanced and why there is so many entrepreneur's in Waterloo.

The future
Another thing that makes Waterloo so special is that Waterloo is the often the first to do things. Waterloo Region is the first to have a light rail transit, we are the first to have a glowing path in North America, and we are having many inventions made in Velocity right now.
our universities

These are the crest of our two universities. (Waterloo on the right and Laurie on the left) These have a huge impact on the community. Their good because they discover new things and makes this community more advanced. And it is good because that attracts people to our growing community.

This video shows the University of Waterloo's Campus.

Luther village

As part of our research we went to Luther village to interview the residents about their perspectives on our community. They us told how Waterloo was years ago. they told us how fast it was growing. They told us how now it is so easy it is to go around compared to the past. It made us realize how much Waterloo has grown.

Check out our amazing city on the website below

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