Outcome 2 time managment

The Semester plan

over the semester I had laid out all my test for my classes. I had to go to ASC and apply for all the extra time teller to give to my teachers before the first exam. however I did not utilize this resource for biology but I have extra time for chem and math. Those 2 subjects, however are departmentalized in the extra time. So I did not have to go through the ASC test proctoring routine. I tend to look at everything a week in advance to not get too overwhelmed so I did not make up a semester long plan I just go along as the weeks go by and hit task by task and get everything done. I have found that if I plan a week in advance that enough where I don't forget activities and due dates and I can actively prepare for my school work.

weekly planning

our plan

In class, we did a scheduling activity to see what our weeks currently look like and what they have the potential to be. I thought this was a well rooted activity because it really did show me how much time really did in a day for school, play, study, eat...ect. Personally, the activity did help me waste less time when I should eat for my health and not simply waste time being unproductive. I notice I was not good at sticking to the drawn out schedule we made in class. However, it showed me what i should do. Above is an outline of what i do for each class on a weekly basis.

cources by the week

biology - my professor offers pre lecture extra credit and post lecture questions. I have tried to do pre lecture every night before the lecture. It helps me understand what I need to focus on and what I already know. Then once it become close to test time I go over all of the post lecture questions and highlight the ones I don't know then do them so I don't waste time on information I already know.

Math - for math I try and get as much out of the lecture as I can. This is by far my hardest class and I have to put in a lot of effort to just pass. I go to as many pal session as I can to the point where the pal knows my name. The hardest part of this class is its humbling nature.

chem - this is a somewhat challenging class but I have found that it if I complete all of the home works on time after the lecture it helps me review the material and let me know what I have to review and go to pal for.

English- this is my worst subject by far. the course is not terribly challenging but I have been horrible at English my entire life. For this class, I really try and plan my essays a little bit at a time per day. This helps me not become over whelmed and makes writing easier

daily plan

a plesant sunrise over my volcanic life

for my day to day study plan I tend to wake up at at the same time everyday. However I go back to sleep on Tuesdays and Thursdays till 1030 because of my schedule but in class we have said that to set a routine is good. I try to have and hour to relax and do nothing and the rest of my time is used for either hw, studying or eating. My only solid plan of the day is downtime. I fill my academic with which ever class need attending too.

Summary of the days

I try and prioritize my class work by what is due and when and if it gets down to a panic scenario I try and stay mentally tough as I work through my task and get as much as I can done. Chunking away at my activities helps me not become overwhelmed. Week to week things change. Exams approach subject become hard or less difficult. Where my energy is spent the most highly depends on the weeks work load. I the distribute the task into my day to day life. Looking at the most important task and adjusting my free time or leisure activities to fit what I need to get done academically. Bottom line we are here for an education so that is paramount to all other functions. There will be time where the volume of work forces you to miss meals and lose some sleep but its about how you recover and bounce back from the time of heavy load.

Journal summary


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