Wood Mans Walk Jeremy's adventure

Jeremy Enjoying a classic novel, "The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer"-Mark Twain


Jeremy is a very simple kinda of man. He isn't the tallest, he isn't the strongest, or smartest, but he does have one very notable talent. Jeremy is able to hold a pose for long periods of time. Hours, days, years, it doesn't matter. Jeremy has always had one job, and one that he does very well. I've taken some admiration for Jeremy's hard work in the past years that I've had him, and collaborated with him to document his first steps in the world of the outdoors. During this process I wanted to let Jeremy do his own poses for once, and do as little interaction with him, in order to capture some great candid photos. So enjoy Jeremy's day out.

The days can get very boring in the room, and curiosity peaks

Scene 1: The Room

When I asked Jeremy what he did all day while I was gone, I said he did a lot of reading. He only had one book, and eventually got bored. This is when Jeremy started contemplated doing the unthinkable, he was going to leave his spot.

"My biggest fear in that moment, was that I would fall, break, and my parts would scatter to where I could never be found again" -Jeremy April 23, 2017

The first obstacle in his way, was getting down from the shelf. It was a far drop to the floor, and it was unknown if an impact from that height would be fatal. Jeremy used the magnets in his hands to shimmy his way down the heater, which luckily was made of metal. Spoiler alert, he made it down safe and sound.

When he reached the bottom, he was struct by the realization of just how small he actually was. He could easily walk under the bed, couldn't climb the chairs, and found himself stuck. It was moments like these where I myself had to intervene to open the door for him, or his adventure would have been cut short (opening doors was the only assisting I did for him).

"Don't even get me started about doors. They are the biggest inconvenience in my life aside from tight joints" -Jeremy April 23, 2017

Scene 2: Stairs

Although there was not much photographed during this part in the journey, it was the area that took Jeremy the longest. So for all his efforts and managing to tackle four flights of stairs, I think it's only appropriate to emphasis how difficult this was for him.

"I would have given up at the door if I knew the stairs were ahead of me. It took an hour to crawl down those stairs. Easy at first, but it's a lot on the legs and back. I don't know how humans do it. Oh I know, you built the damn things for your standards" -Jeremy after recalling his stair work out

An hour, and four flights later, Jeremy reached the first floor of Aroostook, only to learn he had a few more steps to climb down outside the front doors. Great job buddy!

Scene 3: Outside! See ya Stairs!

When Jeremy reached the outdoors, right then, you could tell that the stairs were worth the effort. He decided he wanted to take the same path I took to classes, to experience what I did everyday. However, I think his experience was in one day beats all of my own walks across campus. He really made me realize all the little things I took for granted. I helped direct him on the right paths, and told him he would know when he got to the end of the trip when he found Stewart. So that was his next task, to find whoever this Stewart guy is.

Found a chair he could climb
Found his origins, wood
Taking a well deserved break to soak in the sun
"The air smelt so clean, and the grass so soft. And oh my goodness! flowers! so colorful and diverse. It really is an entirely new world out there"-Jeremy April 23, 2017
Is that Bigfoots?
"My favorite part was getting up in high places, and looking at the brick buildings mixed with all the greenery. The mix of nature and industrial design. I feel like I am in believe those two spectrums being a wooden man and all" -Jeremy April 23, 2017

Scene 4: Halfway there

The hype was dying down a little as Jeremy hit the halfway mark. He also got surrounded by buildings, brick after brick, which soon became boring. He did at one point take a nap on the grass with a leave as a make shift blanket. It was about this time Jeremy kept asking if he was there yet, but I kept telling him not until he found Stewart.

A very small Jeremy under an arch by Stevens Hall
Naptime for the adventurer, and in broad daylight at that
Peaking around the creepy corner by the Neville tunnel. Met up with some not too nice people, making Jeremy a little self concious, but he kept moving forward
More climbing, more grass, more memories

Jeremy approached a building past the freshman quad, and was just about done with all the walking. However he did have enough energy in him to try out a few tricks on a bike rack. I let him have his fun, and the next time he asked if he was there yet I just told him to look up

Stewart, Stewart Commons

Scene 5: Home away from home

Jeremy finally made it to his destination, the IMRC. I gave him a small tour of the place, explaining what it was I did here, and how I pretty much lived in this building if not at the dorms. Jeremy was in aw at all the rooms, and hallways. His favorite feature was the automatic water dispenser.

Triumphantly basking in the view around him
"No food, No Drinks, No Exceptions"- Room 113
"It's like a shower for small people" Jeremy, April 23 2017
Room 112, where this documentary will be featured

Over all, Jeremy enjoyed his adventure, and I gladly carried the little guy back to dorms after all that walking. "The outside was great, beautiful, miraculous even, but I will always prefer the safety and comfort of a bedroom. Much less stairs to deal with"-Jeremy.

I'd like to thank Jeremy for letting me follow him on his journey, and being an amazing model. He worked really hard, and I'm sure he will enjoy any future adventures coming his way.

Happy back at home
The End for now


Nichole Oakes

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