Thunderstorms By tyce roberts

Thunderstorms are very violent. They rage like no other storm. Lightning having around 1 million volts Is extremely dangerous. These strikes can kill a person instantly. thunderstorms form from cumulonimbus clouds which forms the electric storm. These storms are so deadly that we have to be inside for shelter when they occur. Ways we can stop them are to put lightning rods (rods that attract lightning) on the tallest buildings in the city. Thunderstorms usually come with high winds, heavy rain, and sometimes snow. A strong or severe thunderstorm is called a Supercell. These storms usually rotate at the speed of the wind and the direction of the wind.

magnificent storms come in amazing colors, due to the amount of electricity and electrons in the air. Planes are not allowed to fly when there are thunderstorms. Planes attract lightning, which puts them in a bad position when flying in the bubble of a deadly storm. Thunderstorms are not friendly nor are they forgiving. Once you area target, chances are, you're in big trouble. Thunderstorms are very loud, the strikes are so powerful it can be heard from around 20 miles depending on how big it is. Lightning can travel 10 miles at the max, hitting trees and other tall substances.

the best way to void a thunderstorm is to stay inside. Do not go outside if there is a thunderstorm. The chances of the storm, actually hitting you is very small, but its not worth the risk. Thunderstorms usually last from 30 minutes to an hour.

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Tyce Roberts


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