Children At War: Afghanistan War and War on Terror Jalin C. Evans

Millions of innocent kids in Afghanistan have been effected by the war taht plequed there country. These kids have neve felt how it feels to live a normal life, to be a kid and to act like one, have the freedom to go to school and get an education.

During the Solvet-afghan war, according to "DESTRUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN" 1.24–2 million Afghan civilians killed in the war. While there where people dying the livestock was also being killed and crops where being trampled on top of. This left a lot of people hungry, more importantly the kids. From the same article " Destruction In Afghanistan"67% of Afghan child refuges were reportedly suffering from severe malnutrition.

In this picture u see Afghan children as they work the Opium fields. Since a lot of there parents our out fighting in the war, the fields are short staffed. Since Opium is Afghanistan, they need to farm this in order to make an income, so they had to put kids out to work.
Being at war limits them from being able to go to school and just be able to have fun and a be a kid. This I a picture of students back in a school building after the war, as you can see the building have been damaged due to the war.
This here a picture of students all huddled into one class room. Because of the war it has limited there learning time, and they are so eager to learn.


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