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My name is Emily Stump, the photographer behind this madness. Welcome to my client guide. If, after having perused this guide, you have questions or would like to chat, let me know how I can best contact you!

Email: emilysue@outlook.com

Phone: 717-819-2678

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilystumpphotography

Website: https://emilystumpphotogra.wixsite.com/lifehappens

Below you will read about my style of photography, the ESP experience, FAQs, what you receive for your investment, and the different Collections I offer.

What is my style of photography?

I love to capture mood and personalities. I look for light and shadows. I'm a moment seeker. I love "candid" photography - photography that tells stories. I am drawn to contrast, full colors, vivid clarity. I avoid special editing effects, valuing instead simplicity which helps to focus our eye on the true character of the story.

Who are my clients, what is my specialty?

I have shot anything from small weddings to senior portraits, maternity, newborn, children, and families. My specialty is family lifestyle photography (storytelling/candid photography). I just love the love between the personalities of a family. But really, I enjoy it all. I have a special place in my heart for high school seniors (I will have one of those myself this year!). I've met young men and women who just inspire me. And who can help love the little toes and noses and sweet faces of babies?

Let me ask you a question:

For all the pictures that we take, (and we have easy access to take pictures unlike any past generation), how many of us actually print out our images? We have phones full of un-printed images just hogging up our storage. And, for the images that do find their way to photo-paper, how many of them are we actually in? We are so busy being the shooter that we become a ghost in the story. You are an important part of the story and these moments are a treasure. Dr. Seuss said it best;

"Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

I would be honored to help you tell your story, to archive it, display it, and to provide ways to share it with your loved ones through beautiful imagery.

So what will my session be like?

It is my desire to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience to all involved. One of the best compliments given to me came from a high school senior guy who said it (the experience) was much better than what he thought it would be, that he had fun. We trekked through woods, up and down hills, and he told me the history of the location and why he loved the area. I had an absolute blast as well! I realize being on the other end of the lens can be uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to get to know you, and for you to get to know me, to listen to your story. I will incorporate candid photo-documentary/lifestyle shots as well as the more formal posed shots. And be ready, you're actually going to have fun! Because its not just about taking these photographs, it's about creating an enjoyable experience that makes a happy memory.


How long is a session? That depends on what we are shooting and your endurance. A birthday party? The time around your children's bedtime? A family activity? Pregnancy portraits? Newborn session? I strive to be accommodating and value the time you give me, whether it's a half hour or a few hours. Usually the sessions last an hour or so. I could shoot all day, if it was up to me! :)

Where will my session take place? That depends on the kind of session you want. I can shoot in your home (No need to deep clean. Daily living involves mess. This is part of your story!) We can shoot at a special outdoor location or I can tag along with you on a family outing. This is your personal preference and vision. But if you need ideas, we can chat about it! I have a handy locations guide which I can email to you which may help spark ideas of your own.

What should I wear? You can wear whatever you would like, whatever reflects you. I would just recommend you avoid wearing obvious logos/brands on your clothes and "coordinate, don't match". Here is a great article on dress suggestions for your session by Paint The Moon Blog.

How long before I get to see the pictures? I strive to edit your images within 2 weeks. It all depends on how long the session is and how many other client sessions I need to edit. I take great care in editing each image. In this digital age, editing a RAW file is like going to the darkroom and processing film. For every hour I shoot, it takes me a few hours to edit. I edit a couple right away (because I just can't wait to get to them!) and share a picture with you within 24 hours to help hold you through. I will send you an email when the gallery is ready for viewing.

How do I view my pictures and order them when they are ready? Your pictures will be posted to an online personal gallery site that you can share with friends/family/and Facebook. This gallery has an attached a la cart menu with shopping cart (you can pay online or opt to send a check via snail mail). If you choose to purchase digital files or you choose a Collection which includes digital files, you will be able to download the full resolution files right from the gallery using a pin number I give you. These digital images are ready for printing at the lab of your choice (however, I can only guarantee the quality of paper and ink from the professional lab that I use - not all labs are created equal). You will have a few weeks to choose and order your products before your gallery album expires. Some of my families have valued the help I can provide in choosing prints and other products. If you find you need some help, I would love to have you over to view and talk about different products. Sometimes it helps seeing different sizes up on wall as well as samples of the different products. My l professional lab uses archival paper and ink. Your printed images will last a very long time! Part of your collection will include a mobile app of your gallery. This app will never expire and so you will always have access to your images as long as you keep the app. There are a few differences between the mobile app and the online gallery: 1) You can only order products and download images from the online gallery. 2.) The mobile app does not expire, unlike the online gallery.

What is your financial policy? Thanks for asking! I knew we would make a great team, lol! Seriously though, I try to make this part as easy as possible and full of value. I believe that everyone should have access to good quality images and products of themselves and their loved ones. After we chat about your session, you will choose a Collection and session date. I will email you a policy agreement and model release agreement which you will need to sign before your session (you can esign right from the link in the email - so easy!). I will also send you an invoice for a $50.00 retainer fee which secures your date. This fee will be applied to your Collection cost. I will make it my utmost priority to find an alternative date in the case we need to reschedule. I realize that life happens and health and weather don't wait for permission or a convenient time. The remainder of your Collection cost will be owed before I place your product order (you won't need to worry about payment on the day of your session - one less thing to worry about that day, yay!). Once your order is placed, you will receive it within 2-3 business days for most products (my lab is speedy!). That's pretty much it! You can do everything online if you'd like from viewing your images, signing forms, ordering products, and payment. Or if you prefer old school ways, you can print out the forms, sign and actually hand it to me, come over and view your images on my monitor, order right from there, and payment can be made by snail-mailing or handing me a check!

**Please let me know if you would love to schedule with me but value a payment plan option. Lets chat about it!

PA gets their share of the pie as well we know. 6% sales tax will be added to any product purchase.

Your Investment

It is so important to not only take these pictures, but to do something with them! Once you have viewed your online album, you are invited to come over to my house, sip a cup of coffee or tea, view the images from my monitor, and chat about how to create tangible personal pieces of art, whether its in the form of wall prints, collages, invitations, cards, books, and albums. You'll start with choosing a collection (at the time of booking), and from there you can add from the a la carte menu (but there is no pressure to add to any collection if your needs are met entirely with it).

The collections

Each collection offers something different, but what they all include is time & talent. And most importantly, a tangible product. I am dedicated to you not only at the time of your session, but before and after as well. It is my joy to be able to meet your photography goals and vision. That starts before our session as we discuss what you need, what your vision is for our time together, it continues through the session as I get to know you and yours, during the editing process (I take particular care in editing), and also afterwards as we talk about the images and products and how I can successfully make you one happy camper with the printed legacy you have invested in.

Collection One

{Simplicity is Best Collection}


1 hour session with 15+ edited images to view, online album gallery of all your edited session's images, personal mobile app of your gallery images (does not have an expiration date), 16x20 print mounted on matboard (mounting a print ensures lasting quality)

Collection Two

{Prints & Downloads Collection}


1hr + session with 15+ edited images to view on your personal online gallery. $50 print credit towards product purchase, plus full resolution digital downloads of all the images and limited print release. Personal mobile app of your images. You may also purchase an optional $40.00 upgrade for a custom USB drive with all the gallery full resolution digital images (this is a great savings!).

Collection Three

{The Wall Art Collection}

starting at $315.00

Choose 4 of your favorite images (each 12x12 or larger) and I will mount them each on a substrate called Styrene. Styrene is a strong plastic and though you will be able to frame it if you would like, it is also perfect unframed. Styrene will not warp over time and the lustre coating applied to the images will ensure that these products are archival, making for legacy pieces of art that can be handed down from generation to generation.


1hr + session with 15+ edited images to view on your personal online gallery, mobile app of your complete gallery (which never expires), 15% off product order, and permission to download the full resolution digital images.

Collection Four

{the Signature Book Collection}


You will receive a 20 page 10x10 archival photo book with a linen cover and a custom debossing front cover title. Handcrafted with attention to detail, the Signature Book features a lay flat binding with your choice of premium Matte or Pearl press paper.


1hr + session with 15+ edited images to view on your personal online gallery, mobile app of your complete gallery (which never expires), 15% off product order, and permission to download the full resolution digital images.

If you have any design needs (for invitations, cards, collages, albums, and other products, see below link to the product catalog.

Well, you've reached the end, congratulations, lol!

I'd love to chat with you! You can reach out to me easy enough by text, email, phone, or Facebook. Let's schedule a session!

email: emilysue@outlook.com

Call or Text: 717-819-2678

Facebook: Emilystumpphotography

You know how every once in awhile you do something and the little voice inside says, "There. That's it. That's why you're here." ... and you get a warm glow in your heart because you know it's true? Do more of that. ~ Jacob Nordby


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