Harn Art Museum BY: colt ridgeway


Medium of Art

When in the museum, there are many things that are more vivid and more real than when seeing something from a computer screen or in a book. The painting that i chose for example is of an alligator that is extremely obvious and clear in person but in a picture it looks like just a bunch of random colors and a triangle in black. You cannot appreciate the time and effort that went into the art until you get up close and see each brush stroke and see the effort that was so carefully put into each movement of the paint. The thing that i found so striking about the art work that I chose was how minimalist the painting is. It looks so simplistic and bland in a picture, but it is drastically more appealing in person. It is a very simple yet beautiful piece of art that I think can only really be enjoyed in person. It made me feel a bit prideful in the way that it depicted the school mascot. I am very proud of the university that I go to and seeing an alligator in the first picture I actually looked deeply at was enough for me to choose it. I also get a sense that the painter is able to present a huge amount of emotion and thought from the viewer with such little detail in the at and i found that very interesting.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that I found very well designed and the most appealing was the African Collection wing of the building. The design of this section was something I have never before seen in any of the museums I have visited. The archway that led to the exhibit was very appealing to look at and it showed a clear transition from the abstract modern at in the center room to the traditional African pieces that lie within the room. Along with the archway and the other architecture that leads the visitor into the room, there is also an enormous projection screen showing an African tribe on one wall, across from a floor to ground mirror on the other wall. This was a very interesting because the room immersed you in the video and the African culture from the moment you walk in. There is a video playing and reflecting all around you so its easy to feel immersed into the exhibit immediately. I naturally gravitated to this room just because of the strange design and this also made me feel more interested in what I was looking at when looking at all the pieces.

Art and Core Values

The entire purpose of this course is to look within ourselves and find what we think is the path to our own good life. The first thing we talked about is the Indian culture and enlightenment, so I thought it fitting to include an image of the Buddha in this story. Buddha has found enlightenment and achieved his good life and that is something that we are all trying to do. Seeing the Buddha after learning about him in class just increases the feeling of awe that I feel when thinking that there could be someone to become enlightened. I feel that I need to wok through my life and find out what my true core beliefs and values are and this is the only way that I can find my own good life. Seeing this piece of art is only more inspiration to look within myself and see what I truly believe in and what I want in order to achieve my good life. The piece itself does not necessarily help me figure out what I truly believe, but what it does do is allow me to think and put more effort into finding things that will lead me on my own path of enlightenment.

Art and the Good Life

The art that I chose does not portray a good life theme, but rather, something that is preventing some people from achieving their own good life. Income inequality is something that stops many hard working citizens from achieving all that they can and this can limit their ability to get the most out of their life and this could even not fulfill their good life with this problem holding them back. This art allows me to get a more realistic idea of how some people can be affected by their income and how being equal and having equal opportunities is important for anyone to feel like they have reached their good life. Being underappreciated and not getting what you put into something is going to hold many people back from getting where they want to go and where they can go on even playing fields. This art shows this problem in a very simple and to-the-point way that evokes the idea that there are things wrong with society that need to be fixed to give everyone a chance to reach their desired life. This art adds to my appreciation of equality by allowing me to see the problem so I can work to fix it and allow everyone to get a chance to achieve their good life.

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