Nathan's photo portfolio ASIA SUMAS, GRADE 7

Dark: I took a photo of a tree by the school and changed it a lot by taking out the colour. It is hard to tell what it is but I like the effect. It is an awesome photo and I used a lot of shadows and highlight.
Ice/H20: I took a piece of ice and smashed it. The shadows and blue contrast makes it look amazing. It really gives it an icy look it kind of looks like a shattering dream.
Landscape: I took this picture near the school. I used the landscape font with a light shade. It looks like the metal hand railing is a barrier to stop traffic from going down the road.
Light: I took a picture of the sun. I used the most amount of light and changed the colour to purple.
Double exposure: I used the program Pixeler, a picture of a cartoon dog and a galaxy background to create this picture. I overlapped the pictures and made the galaxy background transparent so you could see the cartoon.
Dream: This is a close of of a Christmas wreath that is hanging in my home. I took a close up picture of a part of it and like the effect it created.
Portrait: This is me on the ferry coming back from Tofino. I used the Aviary program and the warm filter to change the picture. I like the contrast it created.
My choice: I took a picture of my microwave. I enhanced it used effects like saturation and brightness and warmth to change it.
Micro: I took a picture of pop can. I used aviary and the avenue effect. I think it symbolizes the difference in life as it is transformed into something new.
Abstract: I used the Aviary program to make my coat look like Tiger skin. I used the warm effect.

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