Wolverine Wire #2: Homecoming 2018 Bridgton Football vs. Norwich University - by Elijah Nichols

By EJ Nichols, Burlington Township, NJ

Mr. Dube’s Journalism class continues to produce great content, and we are excited to continue our focus on Elijah “EJ” Nichols a periodic contributor to bridgtonacademy.org.

Homecoming weekend! A time that’s truly cherished here at Bridgton Academy. It’s a different kind of vibe flowing around campus. One that’s so pleasant and contagious that even hundreds of miles away from home you feel comfortable. This brought a sense of relief to the football team and our nerves. All of were excited to play in front of our home crowd as this would be our only game played here at Ellis Fisher Field. Some of the guys that live really far don’t have the privilege of seeing their family every weekend so homecoming weekend was very special.

Jha’mil King (Morristown, NJ)

Our opponent was Norwich university, who hasn’t beaten Bridgton in 15 years. When we heard about this streak we were determined to keep it alive. Our offense came out firing on all cylinders. Our run game was impeccable and our offensive line dominated the defensive front. Jha’mil King (Morristown, NJ) and George Morrice (Mendon, MA) both had a great day running the football. Jha’mil ran for 3 touchdowns and 200 yards while George ran for 2 touchdowns for nearly 100 yards. Colin Frary AKA “Frair Dog” (Swampscott, MA) even had a solid day rushing the ball, running for multiple 1st downs and picking up hard earned yards. Colin even made a huge block for me on my touchdown. I was lined up at quarterback and Colin was lined up at running back. There was miscommunication post snap and I had to think quick on my feet. I bursted right then saw two Norwich defenders pursuing quickly so I cut back left, after the cut I looked up to see the safety coming at me full speed. I then instinctively spun out of his arms as Colin ran right behind me to blow up a defender trailing me closely. I accelerated as I heard the “oooo’s and ahhh’s” and took off down the sideline.

William Crowley (Milton, MA) returns an interception.

Our defense played a hell of a game as well. Our defensive backs Jourdan Powell (Springfield, MA), Myles Jackson (Manchester, NJ), Alijah Woods (Arlington, MA), Luke "Hatchett" Hatch (Heber City, UT), Joseph Nwisienyi (Richardson, TX), and William Crowley (Milton, MA) all had solid performances. William Crowley stood out with his impressive 2 interceptions. Alijah Woods, Jourdan Powell, and Myles Jackson held it down at the corner spots causing multiple pass breakups. Luke and Joseph are both sure tacklers and deliver the boom when flying down from their safety positions. The Norwich offense never quite got in sink as our defense dominated the game.

Ringing the Victory Bell

Family and friends in attendance were happy to see us play and were happy we came out with a victory. However, I’m sure they would have preferred a more competitive game. The final score was 53-6, another blowout win for our Wolverines.


Photos by Nicholas LeBel

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