Scientific Research Jack mccarthy, Class 5, Due may 16th, Genus: ursus

Homeostasis- Maintain an internal balanced state.

JON SWENSON - a scientist from Montana. He has been the leader of a brown bear research project for 10 years.

Reproduction- Creating offspring.

The global population of Brown Bears is 200,000. It is believed that Russia has half of the population.

Adaption Through Evolution- When an organism becomes better suited in there environment.

Brown bears have adapted to be able to kill large enemies with one hit with their claw. They are also able to survive in cold climates be cause of their thick, warm fur.

Metabolism- the processes that occur in the body.

Brown bears spend 5-7 months hibernating. They can gain up to 400 pounds before hibernation. It is not considered obesity because they remain metabolically healthy.

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