Oliver's Adventure by Hamdaan Bhat

"And were supposed to reach America in only half a fortnight. The Titanic sure is fast," I said chuffed. "I can't believe-" I abruptly stop. "Mum please don't earwig when I am on the phone."
"I'm sorry Oliver, I simply just want to hear what your father was saying," she replied with a frown on her face, making me wish I hadn't been so harsh. I simply didn't want to get in an argy-bargy.
"It's fine," I said and returned to my conversation with Pa. "You should have seen the bangers they were serving for breakfast. Blimey! The eating-iron was beautifully decorated, and the callops were scrumptious. Even the crisps tasted better on board. I ate so much I almost honked!" I heard my father's laughing gear be set off.
"That's my chap. Enjoy yourself all you can while on board." My father sounded tired so I told him goodnight and to be safe in our flat at home.
But while Pa was ready for a kip, I was ready to watch a movie on the telly-box and have tea and crumpets.
"Ma, if you need me, I will be watching the telly-box," I called as I got cozy in my blanket.
The Titanic truly was a luxurious ship. Down to the gorgeous curtains and to the elegantly decorated bog, every aspect of the Titanic was of the highest class. I had already grown to fancy this city on a ship.
  1. fortnight: two weeks
  2. chuffed: happily or pleased
  3. mum: mom
  4. earwig: eavesdrop
  5. argy-bargy: argument
  6. pa: dad
  7. bangers: sausage
  8. blimey: oh goodness
  9. eating iron: silverware
  10. callops: fish
  11. scrumptious: delicious
  12. crisps: chips
  13. honked: throw up
  14. laughing gear: mouth
  15. chap: boy
  16. flat: apartment
  17. kip: sleep
  18. telly-box: television (not invented at the time)
  19. tea: a drink or snack
  20. crumpets: pastry
  21. bog: bathroom
  22. fancy: like


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