Dancing Pictures on Digital Devices By: Dominique berzin

What is animation? Well in Professor Vibeke Sorensen's words, ‘Animation is the art of motion, and art is motion”. When you put 10 to 12 pictures together each second your eyes will think they are seeing movement, that is animation.

Something that interesting to think about is that moving pictures has been around for generations and has been developing new techniques to manipulate art. In 20,000 year old caves, different drawings to show motion of animals/humans, from cavemen. Even Egyption artiste experienced with animation on the wall. They used 15 different pictures to show two wrestlers during a match

Well before television, radio, and movies Americans would receive their news and entertainment from newspaper. Animation used to be the comics you see in your daily, weekly, and monthly newspaper that was printed across the country.

Animators still go back to their traditional ways for illustrations and graphic art by using canvases, paper and drew using pencils, ink, paint, and charcoal. They also colored and drawn by hand to create their own comic scrips

Since 1990, computer-created animation incorporating sophisticated graphic software has become increasingly dominant.Artist started using computers for animation that were massive of the early twentieth century but then they were getting smaller and more affordable. “Now very few artist and art designers can do their work without computers” The Adobe software company released a program called Illustrator, which now gives the animators the ability to create and manipulate shapes

The geniuses, for years, have exaggerated the every movement of a character. It shows a designed scene they want their viewers to recognize as personification to an object(Joel). Steamboat Willie was the first film that had sound tied to animation, which pushed and made sound in some of the wonderful shows and movies today.

Now that forming movies is easier, Disney studio released Toy Story. It was the first full length produced entirely on computers. There are so many people to create a film like Toy Story like voice actors, scriptwriters, video technicians, sound editors, and numerous other filling wizards. The first 24 hour all cartoon channel from Tunner Broadcasting was Cartoon Network. “The Great Piggy Bank Robbery” is the first cartoon to air also.

Even if the development of animation has taken a couple of decades to really pick up, it has grown into a great way for you to laugh, cry, and sing. The better expansion in the utensils, from pencils and paper to computers will Illustrator program, animators have grown in so many successful ways.

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