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The Warr;or Project is for anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, abuse, drugs, suicidal thoughts, and so much more. This page is full of life story from teens and young adults. These great people have come together to make this page to help bring someone hope to keep living.

This is Becca Smith, she is 15 and from Jersey GA. Her story is called 'Enough' "From the time I knew what worth was, I knew I didn't have enough, or at least not in society's eyes. People were always prettier, smarter, and more talented, and no matter what I did, it was never enough. I started doing things to please everyone else, not myself. I conformed to society's image of 'good enough' and lost myself along the way. I craved attention compliments,and reassurance from everyone, and when I didn't get enough it, along with other things going on. I fell into a depression, I shut down, but I still had a desire to be 'enough.' I tried for months, years even, until I finally realized what I was doing. My family confronted me about posting stuff to social media that didn't match who I was. The truth hit me hard that night and I realized I had to change. I sought out the Lord and asked for His help. I cried out to one night and begged for Him to show me my worth. I was finally looking for reassurance from the one person I truly needed it from; God. I remember I was crying and pleading of him to help me, and then mid-sentence I just kept hearing 'You Are Loved,' the three words I never new I needed, but longed to hear. God knew exactly what I needed, I just had to ask. Through my journey I learned several things. I am loved. Every day, even in the midst of my pain, suffering, and loneliness, I am loved. I also learned that I need recognition from one person, and one person only, my God. And most importantly, I am enough in God's eyes. We are all pretty enough, smart enough, and talented enough. Never forget you are loved, you are appreciated, recognized, and always, you are enough."

Contact Info. Email: warriorproject50@gmail.com For more information or if wanting to share your story just shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible If your younger than 18 we must have a parents consent to share your story on this blog


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