Graph my Data

Step 1: Select your data set. You must choose from the choices below. You must have at least 10 pieces of data. You need approval of your data set before you start researching.

  • Tallest mountains (USA or World)
  • Longest rivers (USA or World)
  • City/country population
  • Album/song sales
  • Olympic medals
  • Weather (rain fall, average high temperature, average low temperature, snowfall)

Step 2: Research your data and record your data points.

Step 3: Create an excel spreadsheet with your data.

Step 4: Create two different types of graphs in Excel. Make sure you have a title to your graph, labels on the x and y axes and a key. Save your Excel document.

Step 5: Write 4 questions that could be asked using the information in your graph. Use google docs. Save your doc.

Step 6: Turn in your Excel document and you Google Doc with your 4 questions into Google Classroom.


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