Internet Scams By: Shen Costilow

What is an internet scammer

An internet scammer is an ad or person that gives you an online offer that is fake. Examples is like buying an item online and it being fake or is a cheap knockoff. They also take your money through them making offers and you sending money to earn a big payout in return or a huge prize. There are many types of scammers and use different techniques on how to get you.

Email Spam

The email you see above is a scam email called Nigerian Royalty; the email tries to talk to you as if you are a friend or family member and offers you a large sum of money or gold. In the email above it's money they are offering; the reasons vary as well so it won't be the same scenario each time. There are different types of spam emails other than Nigerian Royalty.


Fraud is when a website takes your info such as your identity or your credit card info and uses it to their advantage. These websites are everywhere on the internet and will ask you to sign up. These sign ups are dangerous and make sure they are a trusted source


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