Colonial Goldsmithing BY: Luke

Do you know that goldsmiths were most likely to become a banker? They were best for banking because they knew how to safeguard gold. I'm here to tell you about colonial goldsmiths, what the history of the job is, qualities of gold, and who some famous goldsmiths were throughout history. Hang on, that is just scratching the surface of colonial goldsmithing. (see below)

scratched surface of "goldsmithing"

On the goldsmith wikipedia it stated If a goldsmith doesn't have skills such as polishing, filing, and casting, then they will probably need to get a better education, so that they have these skills. I think this is good quote because this quote talks about the skills a goldsmith had in colonial times.

The Wikipedia also said "Gold has been worked by humans in all cultures where the metal is available, either indigenously or imported, and the history of these activities is extensive." Some of the gold objects smithed by goldsmiths date back to up to 1000 years in the past! "Techniques developed by some of those goldsmiths achieved a skill level that was lost and remained beyond the skills of those who followed, even to modern times." This is a good quotation because it says that the skills of colonial goldsmiths can't be matched, not even by modern goldsmiths and their technology RIGHT NOW. This means that colonial goldsmiths were so very educated that modern skill cannot beat the intelligence of colonial goldsmiths.

Some of the facts in this wikipedia quote are highly interesting, I think you should read it "It is fairly easy to 'pressure weld', wherein similarly to clay two small pieces may be pounded together to make one larger piece. Gold is classified as a noble metal—because it does not react with most elements." I found it strange that gold shares some of the same properties as clay. From this quote I learned that gold is much like clay in how easy it is to pound two pieces together, much like clay.

A goldsmith used this metal to forge tools with...

Some famous goldsmiths are:

  • Paul Storr
  • Jocelyn Burton
  • Paul De Lamerie
  • Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • Benvenuto Cellini
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • House of Faberge
  • Jean-Valentin Morel
  • Adrien Vachette

I like that there is a goldsmith called BENVENuto cellini, or someone with a first name of HOUSE of faberge...

Thank you for looking at my report. I conclude that you are about 200% more informed about goldsmiths than you used to be. Goldsmiths often were the best bankers around because their job was to keep gold safe until it could be sold. _____________________THE_END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_______________________

If you want more information on goldsmithing click on the link down below... (Link 1: more info on goldsmiths, Link 2: author's google-page, Link 3: author's friend's google-page...

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