Graphic Design Final Exam Jennifer navas

Three things i learned about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesgn :

1. As a beginner at Photoshop i discovered many things, the first thing i learned was that photoshop is like playing a sport in the way how once you start practicing with it you learn where and how to do things like how in a sport once you practice and practice you get better at it and you start getting reflexes.

2. Another thing i learned about Photoshop is how to use it. I learned how to put words behind my head which was the begging of the year project. I also learned how to combine different elementusingdifferent pictures by making the Pippin Poster for the GWHS. We used objects from different pictures to create it.

3. The last thing i learned about all these software programs are that you can create anything with hard work. I learned his while working on my final project and even before.

Three things i discovered working with clients and partners:

1. I discovered that if you work with a partner its a lot easier to get things done and its very helpful because they might know things that you dont know.

2. I discovered that when working with clients, its all about them. If they want the poster or the design that youre making thegloomy feel. You have to do whatthey say because you are working for them.

3. The last thing i learned is that its good working alone or with partners both are very nice. The reason why working alone is nice is because you get to learn by yourself and learn how to rely on yourself and on the internet but working with a partner can be very helpful as i stated before

I believe that its important to for such artists as myself to have a portfolio because it helps show their work to people who are interested to hire them. Its also important to show how much you have grown since your first project.

These Images above are what i have done using photoshop. You can see how much ive grown from doing my self portrait to my final project.

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