My Work in Digital Photography By: Sydney Stolze

Why Take Photography?

I decided to take Digital Photography course because I wanted to learn how to operate a camera and learn how to take artistic shots. I also wanted to strengthen my skills in Adobe Photoshop and take a fun art class!

Depth of Field

As I took more shots, in playing with the Depth of Field, I realized that the average or 'normal' size lens of a camera generally has a limited range. I have since invested into a zoom lens which has widened my options for focus.


This shot is a great example of how I learned how to bracket my shots and the importance of having the proper exposure for the scene. Depending on your choice of lighting, different details are made visible on the moon. The process of HDR helps a lot with details directly tied to the exposure of the shot.


This was a product shot of a Steve Madden dress shoe, Original (left) and Optimized (right). While optimizing, I simply cropped the image, darkened some shadows, and fixed several scuffs on the shoe. The cropping helps the onlooker to concentrate more on the subject rather than the background. Enhancing the shadows gave the background a more concise and professional look. Removing the scuffs and dust particles on and around the shoe, gave the show a new, clean look to it as well as contributed to a more professional look.


I would have to say that the most educational and the hardest project was Light-painting. Not only did I learn about the 'bulb' setting and process behind these images, I also learned about how difficult it was to take a perfect shot in this style of photography. First, the setting has to typically be pitch black. Then, you have to draw in that darkness and it's difficult to draw when you can't see what you are drawing. Lastly, you check your shot and if you messed up, even a small bit, you have to go back and start all over again.


If I were to choose between the seven projects we worked on this semester, I would love to have the opportunity to create a Photogram again! Watching and learning the developmental process was intriguing and exciting, to say the least. As well as playing around with the exposure times for different objects to create different pictures.

Driver's Lights vs. Flames at Night

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