Art Turns. World Turns. Inside Macan's Inaugural Exhibition

Museum MACAN will open to the public on November 7 2017 with an inaugural exhibition titled "Art Turns. World Turns. Exploring the Collection of Museum MACAN".

Co-curated by Charles Esche and Agung Hujatnika, the exhibition will present a historical narrative that spans two centuries and offers a reading of Indonesian art history in dialogue with world art history.

It will be separated into four thematic sections that draw parallels between the art of the time and the relevant social and political movements.

1. Land, Home, People (1800s – 1945)

The exhibition begins with a focus on the last decades of the Dutch colonial occupation in Indonesia, when Indonesian and European artists alike were reflecting on the lives, colours, landscapes, and culture of people in the region.

Bali provided a special source of inspiration for artists and was the most popular place in the archipelago for European artists to reside in.

For example, this painting by Russian born German painter Walter Spies helped to shape the international image of Bali as an exotic paradise.

2. Independence and After (1945 – 1965)

This section of the exhibition will reflect Indonesia’s fight for independence and the ensuing effort within Indonesia to develop an independent and cohesive culture

Works by Indonesia's most prominent Indonesian artists such as Sindudarsono Sudjojono, Henk Ngantung, Affandi and Dullah explore this newly reflective Indonesian modern art language.

3. Struggles Around the Form (1965 – 1998)

The superpower competition between the Soviet Union and the United States in this period had a major effect on art and the ways it represented political and social values.

Artists across the world were fighting to find their own voice, experimenting with ideas surrounding the importance of abstraction, figuration, everyday life and high culture.

This section of the exhibition will include abstract and figurative works by artists from Indonesia, Greater Asia, Europe and America.

4. The Global Soup (1998 – onwards)

In the post-1998 reform period, Indonesian artists increasingly found a public domain for their works in the international arena.

Many Indonesian artists were able to transition away from making art based on religious and national traditions and develop more individual styles.
The work in this section will highlight the intersections between Indonesia's artists and the contemporary global art network.

"Art Turns. World Turns. Exploring the Collection of Museum MACAN" will be on view to the public from November 7 2017 to March 18 2018.

Images courtesy of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN), Ota Fine Arts and Gagosian.

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Amani Vassiliou

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